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  1. E

    Somewhat successful experience with partial, need some help though

    Hello everyone. So my life's been pretty shit for the past 3 years and I decided to kill myself a few weeks ago. I found this website about a week ago to figure things out and deduced that partial hanging would be my best bet. For the past 4 days or so I'd practice for about 10 minutes every...
  2. Femmeboifailure

    Looking For Better Info I’m Partial than Mega Thread

    Hi, I’m going to use two ties and close them into a door. But why does it have to be a slip knot? And are there other considerations I should be making for tying the ligature to the door? Looking for more info than the mega thread read through it at least ten times! Still unclear about...
  3. E

    [Discussion] What's the proper way to hang yourself and be unconscious for less than 10 or 15 seconds?

    So i tried hanging many times (both full suspension and partial). I've even seen some hanging videos wherein they can get unconscious for less than 30 seconds. But in my case, I still end up conscious even after 1 minute. Because of that, I'm force to breathe or cough and stand my feet on the...
  4. X

    [Help] Do convultions while hanging make any sound?

    I've seen a bunch of suicide by hanging videos and while all of them consisted of convulsions, I couldn't hear any sound. I'm planning on testing the hanging method with a strong charging cord at night in the bed. It's gonna be a simple practice session (haha) and the convulsions won't matter...
  5. Baskol1

    [Discussion] "Selfish" suicide methods?

    Why do some people say that the hard suicide methods, like jumping, hanging, or train are selfish? Dont they realize that sometimes the hard methods are the only one, because for the soft methods you need things like cyanide which are hard to get. And the harder the government suicide makes, the...
  6. Dawn0071111

    [Help] Weight limit to partial suspention hanging?

    I weigh 240 pounds. I have been considering hanging.... but even with partial... Im thinking this method is better for average weight folks? Im tall too 5'8". Im too tired to even get rope...a cotton bathrobe belt won't do? The youngest suicides are hangings.... Im sure I can do it as well...
  7. Righttodie

    [Method] Making hanging painless

    I have gone through most of experiences of people trying to hang through partial suspension. I would like to add and ask something which made me curious when I read about it in the Geo Stone book : Suicide and Attempted Suicide (which I suggest everyone else here reads it too) It mentioned...
  8. Emmmmmmmma

    [Discussion] Those who failed hanging. Why?

    I recently tried to hang myself, I had it all sorted out and ready to go. I put the noose around my neck and all I could do was swallow, it was a horrible feeling of choking and being forced to swallow repeatedly. Then all of a sudden I became paranoid and worried. I lost all trust in myself and...
  9. S

    I just want to write about how tired I am of trying to kill myself.

    English is not my first language. I am from Russia. I'm sick and tired of trying to kill myself. I tried to hang myself and I'm still trying. After one of the attempts, when I tried to squeeze the carotid arteries, I got sick with tonsillitis. And had terrible sore throats for a week. I have...
  10. S

    Hanging. How to compress the carotid arteries and as a result become unconscious? Without the effect of "exploding head" and pain.

    Write through the translator. When I pull, I get the feeling of "exploding head". I'm not losing consciousness. No blurred vision. Just a pain and a feeling that my head is about to explode. Maybe you need to do it in some special position?
  11. whyidon'tknow

    [Method] So hear me out on this....

    ....but what about using two nooses at once for partial hanging? My thought would be that the extra squeeze on your neck would make you pass out easier. Anyone tried this? Thoughts? Feelings? Comments? Love and kindness:)
  12. whyidon'tknow

    Thoughts on my ctb plan

    So I have a plan that i’ve been mulling around with and wanted to know what you guys thought. It would be full suspension. I would take 20 xanax and while I wait for it to kick in get my rope tied and around my neck tight. I can do this quickly. Then wait until I eventually pass out or...
  13. whyidon'tknow

    Failed again/xanax help

    Told myself I would ctb this weekend by hanging yet here I am. I hate this. Not like my mind is coming up with reasons to stay, it just gets me to stop. I truly do not want to be here and do not want to get better. I have a lead on some xanax and heard that it can overcome SI. Does anyone...
  14. 7

    Injecting Hydrocodone

    I have a good number of hydrocodone and I’m thinking of dissolving the tabs and injecting the liquid into my veins. I take antidepressants and, other than that, don’t do drugs. Should I leech the whatever the other ingredient is out of the pills — the cold water method? I’m thinking of preparing...
  15. whyidon'tknow

    [Discussion] Full hanging experiences

    Was looking to hear peoples experiences with full hanging as this is my preferred method. Have read stories of people experiencing lots of pain to no pain and would like to get all the stories in one place Thank you
  16. V

    Are there any videos of people successfully hanging themselves?

    I want to know what to actually expect and how to prepare to carry it out successfully. Not just a bunch of speculation like "well this ought to work like this". Don't mean to be rude. It's just frustrating trying to find something that will absolutely work that is accessible.
  17. Wurusawa

    [Help] How long does it take to die from hanging?

    I worry over the prospect of being discovered and conseqentually surviving with permanent injuries. To plan this as well as possible I want to know how long it could take until one is dead or at least beyond return. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me or provide me with resources on how...
  18. whyidon'tknow

    [Discussion] Failed hanging stories?

    Anyone come across stories of people who have failed at hanging, specifically full suspension? General hanging attempt thread Will post what I find. https://m.ranker.com/list/people-tell-their-suicide-attempt-stories/stefanie-hammond Some in here. A collective mix...
  19. lost in my mind

    [Help] How to prevent you parents from finding you?

    Well umm, I want to ctb at home.. I don’t want my parents to find me like that or even see me as a dead body.. is there any possibility of ctb without my parents has to see me at any point? I thought I would send a message that will be sent after an hour to my therapist saying “ I’m dead call...
  20. S

    Hanging. How long have you been going?

    I have repeatedly tried to do it, but could not bring to the end. Fear. I really wish there was something that would help me get through this... When it gets dark in my eyes, I can't go on and stop. How to overcome the instinct of self-preservation?