hanging full suspension

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  1. whyidon'tknow

    [Discussion] Full hanging experiences

    Was looking to hear peoples experiences with full hanging as this is my preferred method. Have read stories of people experiencing lots of pain to no pain and would like to get all the stories in one place Thank you
  2. V

    Are there any videos of people successfully hanging themselves?

    I want to know what to actually expect and how to prepare to carry it out successfully. Not just a bunch of speculation like "well this ought to work like this". Don't mean to be rude. It's just frustrating trying to find something that will absolutely work that is accessible.
  3. S

    How to make the last step?

    I have a stool right now. I can put my neck in a noose right now, but I can't take the last step. How to do this? Just one step and kick back the stool. I'm tired of life, my life is hell, but I'm a coward and I can't just end it. How?
  4. whyidon'tknow

    Tried Partial....Going for Full hanging. Need advice

    To start, here is my partial hanging experience. I used a boat anchoring rope and had it tied to a pull up bar. I then put the rope on the outside of the door. I hyperventilated and passed out. From what I have been able to piece together I then bashed my face and nose against the door. in my...
  5. V

    Tying a noose, tying it to a bridge post, then jumping and breaking my neck.

    Pretty hardcore right?? Idk, I dont have medicine and am not fond of suffocating while hanging in my room. So Im gonna break my neck this way. Do you feel much pain on impact?
  6. GraceyFellDown

    [Help] Help with hanging?

    Ok so I'm new to this forum. I've been lurking around for the past months and last week I finally decided to make an account. I don't want to write my entire life story. To keep it simple, I can count the times I truly smiled on my fingers. My parents divorced when i was 3 and I lived with my...
  7. Infinite Sadness

    Suicide by hanging

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum, I'm live in Western Europe, I'm 19 yo, and I want to gain some knowledge on suicide by hanging, and I also want to know what's your thought on this peaceful, and calm location in the forest I've found today. I will go into detail and give the reason why I want...
  8. P

    Would a ceiling fan break if you hanged from it?

    Somebody told me that a ceiling fan would break if a person hanged from it full suspension. Is this true? I’m contemplating at least attempting suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in my house but don’t want to have the whole thing crash down...that would be a ticket to the psych ward and very...
  9. deathplease

    [Help] Has anyone attempted to hang themselves? Was it scary?

    I plan on doing full suspension in the next day or 2. I have set up a hangman’s noose with a very sturdy rope and that will hang over the door frame with the door shut, with the other end tied on the doorknob on the other side of the door. I tested the rope & I’m 95% sure it will hold my weight...
  10. Zaynaldeen

    [Method] Hanging with belt on a pull-up bar

    So I finally have found a way to kill myself fast, all it takes is courage. I recently got this pull-up bar because I wanted to do some pull ups and chin ups at home. What do you guys think of this? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/505011036148072448/525681718305226753/20181221_153006.jpg...
  11. Punished snake

    [Discussion] Classic hanging

    I'll go straight to the point: I'm sick and tired of being a drone and living a non-life while Chad and Stacy live for real. Everything I did to try and improve my situation ended up with failure or worsening it even more. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. I kind of feel that the...
  12. Zanexx

    [Help] Buying more rope online in case i do go with hanging

    I'm about to order some rope - polyhemp, 10mm. Just a quick question - will 10mm thickness work with full suspension (short drop) or only partial? I just want to get this clear before I order it :/