1. omsoc

    [Help] Gun shot suicide?

    Hi everyone, new member here. Basically to cut to the chase. How badly would a head shot hurt? I’m guessing it would be instant to the point where pain receptors don’t have time to react? I need your help because, this would be my preferred method of going out next to hanging or maybe an exit...
  2. SunSetsForever

    Gun advice: Having a pretty hard time tonight. 8/10 on CTB scale. Where to shoot?

    Hello, I hope you’re doing/feeling better than I am tonight. I’m having a hard enough time that I’m actually considering drastically moving up my CTB timeline (regardless of my incomplete bucket list items) to within the next couple of weeks-just gotta sort a few finances to make my departure...
  3. J

    [Discussion] Shooting Yourself

    Some people shoot themselves through the mouth, or aim at the temple and I was wondering what is the best place to shoot yourself in the head to cause the fastest and painless death? I was also wondering why people don’t consider this method more. I understand some people can’t get their hands...
  4. M

    There is no point and ive made up my mind

    Im a writer. I write creatively. I have since I can remember. And I am losing my ability to write. I can barely see anything on my right side and it keeps getting worse. I also have seizures and intense headaches and i can barely remember my name. Ive gone to the e.r. and they said theres...