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  1. thrw_a_way1221221

    Finally, i have obtained it and can relax now!

    Finally, at last, I have successfully obtained my method! I filled out the paperwork and passed the background check (took less than 2 minutes), the transaction went as smooth as I could ever ask, the clerk said I got a good deal (and he is right about that) and I finally can breathe easy! I...
  2. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Method] Guns/firearms megathread

    Hello all, I'm thrw_a_way1221221, or you can call me TAW122 if that's easier for you. In this thread, here is all the information in regards to ctb'ing via a gun/firearm. Everyone who is suggesting or choosing to ctb via 'N' and 'A' and 'H', that's cool. However, this thread is about GUNS (Not...
  3. johnny

    [Method] Gun questions

    For handguns, is a .357 or .45 pretty good? Shotguns seem too big, you have to use your toe or something? For handguns do you think a shorter barrel is better or a slightly longer one? For the purpose of having direct aim towards the brain stem. The only gun I've ever shot is a revolver at a...
  4. SunSetsForever

    Gun advice: Having a pretty hard time tonight. 8/10 on CTB scale. Where to shoot?

    Hello, I hope you’re doing/feeling better than I am tonight. I’m having a hard enough time that I’m actually considering drastically moving up my CTB timeline (regardless of my incomplete bucket list items) to within the next couple of weeks-just gotta sort a few finances to make my departure...
  5. Zaynaldeen

    Accessing guns in belgium and the netherlands

    I'l probably shoot myself in the head in the middle of the forest so I'd need a gun, is there any way to get a gun in one of those two countries?
  6. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Method] Need some advice on my plan (firearm)

    Disclaimer: This will be a very long post as it shows the plan in detail and covers every aspect, from planning, obtaining, and finally, the attempt. I have decided on using firearms as my method, and for some people, obtaining one and then being able to find a time and location for it is easy...
  7. Plankter

    Where in the head should one shoot themselves for best chance of success ?

    Also how does the type of gun affect odds of success ? Are larger/heavier guns safer ?
  8. Sharethepain

    [Discussion] Gun question

    So I´ve finally found ammunition for a gun we have at home. Pietta 44 cal running on black powder. I´ve tested to see if it works and it does. The question is, will it, at point blank range to my temple, instantly off me? I highly expect it will, just want to be sure and know if there are any...