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  1. E

    How will it work

    I was thinking a cheap fast painless method and i came up to this but i would love some suggestions. A combination of 30 gram of heroin price 300 euro and 2 packs of Xanax price 20 euros , and i would add 1 joint of weed toghether with a a beer or other alcohol,price 5 euros OR Find cheap...
  2. ThatsEnoughForMe

    [Method] TIMER + GUN = Peaceful Death

    Buying a gun is not really hard. At least we can buy a hunting rifle (Better than a hand gun). Situation may be different in various countries ofc but pulling a trigger is not easy :shy: I have an idea about that. I read guillotine version of my plan when looking for similar topics. I just moved...
  3. Dead Girl Don't Care

    [Help] Best angle of attack .45 handgun in mouth

    The time has come, can anyone tell me precisely what angle to aim with a handgun in my mouth? I’m afraid to aim too high or low. Should I be very worried with a .45 hollow point?
  4. C14

    Improvised ammo

    I have found myself a disarmed rifle cartridge and decided to reload the primer and powder (for now 50 grains of matchheads for a cartridge designed for 40 grains, and I inversed the bullet as to blunt the impact and maximize jawing). I now need to build a primitive single use firing assembly. I...
  5. omsoc

    [Help] Gun shot suicide?

    Hi everyone, new member here. Basically to cut to the chase. How badly would a head shot hurt? I’m guessing it would be instant to the point where pain receptors don’t have time to react? I need your help because, this would be my preferred method of going out next to hanging or maybe an exit...
  6. R

    Questions about gun suicide

    Hello dear SanctionedSuicide community, I signed up here because I have some questions about the gun-suicide method. To keep it short: I'm an owner of a 9mm and would, if the day ever comes, put my lights out with a hollow point bullet. I know that hitting the brain stem ensures certain death...
  7. gunsforhands

    [Method] 2 odd methods that came to my mind

    Hello! I'm very new but the community here seems so nice, I'm excited! First of all, I have to excuse my probably bad english ._. So, I'm thinking about cbt for a long time (but more like I'm interested in the topic in general but I'm suicidal as well from time to time) and since I didn't...
  8. T

    [Story] Introduce myself

    Hi , i am 36 years old from israel. I suffer from rare neurologic chronic pain disease. I battle this illness for 13 years, i even did a brain surgery. Now the pain not responding to medications. I not working for 3 years and on disability... My life now is chronic pain from the moment i...
  9. Zaynaldeen

    Accessing guns in belgium and the netherlands

    I'l probably shoot myself in the head in the middle of the forest so I'd need a gun, is there any way to get a gun in one of those two countries?
  10. whatsinmypocket

    [Discussion] Percussion weapons, viability and aviability.

    Hey everyone. Before i found this forum i had many plans that, looking back at them are just stupid. Guns however seemed like the best way to go. Im currently am doing some research on the cheapest options for these rifles. As for my country Germany blackpoweder single shot weapons are freely...
  11. J

    [Help] Homemade silencer for handgun?

    Getting a .357 or .44 magnum soon. Any suggestions on a homemade silencer? Want to attract as little attention as possible. Also thoughts on a large calibre handgun to the side of the head? Might not be instant, but should definitely finish the job within minutes...right?
  12. RealMe

    [Method] Theorizing on the different methods

    Hello, I would like everyone's insight on the different suicide methods please and which they find to be the most reliable, most quick and least painful. I would like everyone's tips on these methods please Hanging: I will be honest and say I dont know all the different ways of hanging and if...
  13. J

    [Discussion] Shooting Yourself

    Some people shoot themselves through the mouth, or aim at the temple and I was wondering what is the best place to shoot yourself in the head to cause the fastest and painless death? I was also wondering why people don’t consider this method more. I understand some people can’t get their hands...