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  1. daikon

    Mourning Thread

    I'm posting so much, but I can't help it! I should've joined one of these sites a long time ago. I'm here because my boyfriend was murdered in 2018. I was thinking about suicide a lot before then, but when his death and all the things that came after it really cemented the necessity of suicide...
  2. [NoName]

    [Discussion] How to help those left behind

    One of the main reasons I don't want to commit suicide is how it will hurt those I love and who love me. Setting up things while I'm alive to help people along the grieving process is an important part of taking my life (if I do decide to ctb). A few concerns for me is: A body to grieve over...
  3. nzdarkshark

    [Venting] I feel like i'm a bad person.

    I don't care if no one sees this or cares about it I just need to vent. I am such a failure as a friend, as a person. I'm pushing everyone away; my friends, my family, my girlfriend. Everyone. Everyday I get worse and lie and tell people what they want to hear so an argument doesn't occur. My...