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  1. Kokobushi_bae26

    [Help] Co with generator question

    I got a generator and put it in my car while I waited for the CO to build up. It stayed on for about 30 min (I wanted to wait til 40) and then it shut off. I think I read that they will shut off bc they need oxygen to run(?) But now it won’t start up. I waited 10-15min. Should I wait longer...
  2. S

    [Method] Portable Gas Generator (CO)

    I know there is a main thread about carbon monoxide, but I think this method deserves its own section. I've also made a post on 8chan about it to try gathering as much information as possible. I came across a study from Iowa State University that got me thinking (link...
  3. A

    [Help] Carbon monoxide generator?

    Its in the PPH and I've read a few cases about it but nobody on here or other forums is talking about it. Is there a reason.. does anyone have any info or know why this isn't a good method.. bc it seems perfect to me if I could just figure out the correct science behind it. Put the generator in...