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  1. Watcher

    [Method] Propane Exit bag

    I tested it, and it can work, I didnt feel any pain, I just got scared because I started to see colors, and I think my gas tank is not huge enough, but I'm completely shure it can work! The dificult part here, it is taking me too much time to fill up the bag with gas... And I know it can be...
  2. F

    [Help] Nitrogen Gas hood advice needed.

    So I got a 90 cu ft industrial tank of nitrogen and an oven bag along with a TurboTorch Professional nitrogen regulator (it says for testing and purging brazed joints, no idea). I still haven't got a tube yet and i think i might need to get get some thread tape & lube to connect regulator...
  3. Rex2019

    [Method] Undetectable substance

    Is there anything you can injest or breathe in to kill you but is not easily detected as the cause of death in an autopsy? Basically, it should appear like you died of unknown causes/natural causes/stopped breathing..but they can't figure out why..or it's inconclusive. Anything like that?
  4. Watcher

    [Method] Self-induced hypoxia

    Just wanted to ask, someone knows if I can use butane/propane gas to self-induce me hypoxia? which is when you replace oxigen whith another gas, so your body will not notice it... Yesterday I bought a little tank of butane/propane gas (14oz) (can be used for solding, and it includes stopcock)...
  5. DarkTear

    [Help] Exit bag - best position for the hose inside the bag

    @Smilla and I had a discussion about the best position for the end of the hose inside an exit bag. We came to the conclusion that the best position is probably the top of the bag (like in the attached picture). Why? Because the exhaled CO2 must get out of the bag. If the inert gas is streaming...
  6. Y

    [Method] Hydrogen sulfide

    Hi! I've been doing some research on hydrogen sulfide and i have some questions regarding the ingredients for this method. I live in Poland and the access to chemicals here is more restricted (I haven't come across any of the highly toxic pesticides that could be consumed in order to commit...
  7. I

    [Method] How much nitrogen?

    How much Nitrogen would I need to get the job done? I am trying to find a decent local supplier online, somewhere I can physically go and get it. Husband is probably returning to work soon, so it should be easier for me to do this. He makes me laugh, he says he wants to work afters so he can...
  8. C

    (in the us) does anyone know where to buy pure nitrogen?

    is Walmart trustable for that? I’m in the south east us, by the way. I’m trying to make an exit bag. I appreciate any tips.. thanks
  9. C

    Exit bag.. tips?

    I'm planning to use an exit bag. I've done a little research so far I've read: Use a 14.9 cubic foot tank try to find nitrogen as helium tanks are so diluted do it laying down so bag doesn't slip off head if you fall over after you pass out. Could i get some more tips? Where does one get a...
  10. Tiburcio

    Somebody here died using the exit bag method?

    I was thinking and I don't remember nobody who died using it. If it's so peaceful I don't know why there aren't more users, maybe because it's hard to prepare. I don't know, somebody died with the exit bag method?
  11. L

    [Help] Need help preparing

    Instead of an exit bag im going to go with a gas mask instead, I'm not quite sure how the mask I have works but if anything I'll try finding a different kind. What i need help with is what kind of tubing should I use from the mask to the container of helium. I'm going to be using Balloon Time...