full suspension

  1. W

    [Method] Does full suspension guarantee death as long as nothing breaks and you aren't found?

    Title basically says it all, I'm in a condition where failure is not an option at all. Partial seems far too risky as I've read about people twitching into a position where they regained consciousness, I don't see how that could happen with full suspension. But as the title says I'm not sure, so...
  2. John Smith

    [NSFW] Does anyone know of any websites that show people commiting suicide by hanging?

    I need to try to find pics of overweight people hanging so that I know that it is possible for me to succeed. I've already seen bestgore and theync.
  3. RealMe

    [Method] Best way to do death by hanging

    What would you consider the pros and cons of each type of hanging variation,? What is the death rate if I were to try this method without an exit bag? Do the best ropes (or other tools) vary based on the method? What are the chance of having horrible life lasting effects with each of the...