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  1. Worsethangarbage

    [Discussion] What you have tried until now

    Background Breaks down finally after mid terms. Not like I failed them, I was in the top 5 I think. It was just a push from all the stress that backfired so hard. Stop going to school. Think about suicide since life is shitty and never been so good, I guess. I could count the number of times I...
  2. Niko

    [Venting] Nothing. ever. works.

    this is the biggest frustration in my life: not a single fucking thing i put effort into gets me anywhere! i've pushed myself hard, incredibly hard, over and over and over again. i was a chubby kid so i pushed myself to work the fuck out and go on a strict diet. i dropped out of high school...
  3. S

    Has who felt the same?

    I have always felt the disapproval and disgust of others towards me, my family is no exception, since since I was born I have felt its abhorrence and disapproval, hatred, many things more towards my. You would say that that is nothing, that sure I am bad playing, but my dad left me, and said...