1. thrw_a_way1221221

    Finally, i have obtained it and can relax now!

    Finally, at last, I have successfully obtained my method! I filled out the paperwork and passed the background check (took less than 2 minutes), the transaction went as smooth as I could ever ask, the clerk said I got a good deal (and he is right about that) and I finally can breathe easy! I...
  2. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Method] Guns/firearms megathread

    Hello all, I'm thrw_a_way1221221, or you can call me TAW122 if that's easier for you. In this thread, here is all the information in regards to ctb'ing via a gun/firearm. Everyone who is suggesting or choosing to ctb via 'N' and 'A' and 'H', that's cool. However, this thread is about GUNS (Not...
  3. johnny

    [Method] Gun questions

    For handguns, is a .357 or .45 pretty good? Shotguns seem too big, you have to use your toe or something? For handguns do you think a shorter barrel is better or a slightly longer one? For the purpose of having direct aim towards the brain stem. The only gun I've ever shot is a revolver at a...
  4. T

    [Method] Anyone with firearms knowledge here?

    Hey guys, I used to lurk on the subreddit but I was too afraid to post anything. I'm writing this now because I'm making preparations to ctb. My method of choice is a shotgun to the temple. I have been blessed with the opportunity of living in a state with lax gun laws so despite having...