1. T

    Fentanyl vs N (ready to go...)

    Hi everyone, I am ready to go. I printed my suicide notes. And I am ready to book a hotel room to spend my last days. But, I still have some concerns. Currently have more than enough Fentanyl powder to kill me (approximately 500mg to 1000mg). My way of going would be by snorting as much...
  2. A

    [Help] Fentanyl. I have 80mg.

    I bought 80mg of fentanyl on the dark net earlier this year. It's still in its untouched baggie that I keep in a safe inside my house. It's in pure form, fentanyl HCL. I want to make my death look like an accident. My plan is to pour myself a drink, throw in the whole 80mg of fentanyl (even...
  3. 1

    [Method] Fentanyl

    Hi everyone, how long does it take to die from 5 mg Fentanyl injected in my veins? Thanks!
  4. Sundayafternoon

    [Method] Fentanyl

    Salutations, I keep seeing news stories about people od'ing on this drug. I was initially under the impression that they thought they were buying heroin and got duped. I'm not sure now. Do people look specifically to buy fentanyl? Ask for it by name? If i can't get N - this is my next...
  5. T

    [Method] Fentanyl overdose

    Hi guys, I have Fentanyl more than a gram. I also have Midazolam 300mg, Diazepam 500mg and Metoclopramide (antiemetic). How am I supposed to take them? And how much? I can't find anything about fentanyl overdosing and dosages etc, and how to's or is that just me? I prefer to take the...
  6. D

    [Method] Fentanyl

    anybody considering fentanyl OD ? What will be your dose? Fentanyl has high peacefulness (9/10) and reliability (8/10) rate in PPeH. The downside is avaliable antidote naloxone. Friend got cyclopropyl fentanyl, so I'm looking into this method but wondering what dose will be enough for this...