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  1. Stranger

    [Help] Cheap, Easy & Fast Method

    Hello everyone. Could someone help me? I'm gonna need a backup plan in case my plan for Cerberine toxin doesn't work out. What's the cheap and easy method could someone use for a fast death? That could possibly go unnoticed in a hospital. :hihi:
  2. LoveKills

    [Help] Failed at night night, looking for a more reliable method

    Hi, I'm a 30 years old male from western EU, unemployed since 1 year... My pain is so big since several months when this manipulative and instable woman broke my heart for shitty reasons, aborted without consulting me and no longer care of me at all, no matter what i say... She broke my dream...
  3. strained03

    [Method] Fasting

    Hello guys, I'm new here so sorry if I'm doing something wrong. Please tell me if I need to introduce myself somewhere or whatever. Sorry also for the fact that English isn't my native language, so I may say things in a weird way. I was wondering if fasting (not eating for a long period of...