1. Can'tStandAnymore

    I can’t stop thinking about my family

    I tried it twice, went to the shelter and waited for a while. But I couldn’t make it. Despite everything that which makes me think that I ‘have to’ be gone in a few day, I can’t stop thinking about my family. I need some advice.
  2. Divine Trinity

    [Discussion] Military Family Poll

    Veterans have one of, if not, the highest suicide rates of any demographic (trans might be higher, idk). And the families don't tend to be too stable either.
  3. Manaaja

    My family is one of the reasons I'll commit suicide

    My whole life has been shit. I was never supposed to be born. Every year is worse and worse. My mother is a narcissistic toxic idiot who has never cared for me. My father is exactly like her, a toxic narcissist. Neither of them have the ability to love me, neither have the ability to change or...
  4. daikon

    Need some advice

    I figure here's the place to ask, since if I ask anyone IRL they'll just tell me not to commit suicide which is...not helpful. I have two suicide-related problems, I guess: 1. Should I stop trying to make new friends and social connections? I so desperately want to be liked and I hate being...
  5. 15dec

    Christmas dilemma

    Does anyone else feel ridiculously guilt about wanting to ctb before Christmas? I want out as soon as possible but things keep happening to get in the way, not having enough time alone is the main one. I’ve had to push my date back to Wednesday at the earliest and even then I don’t know if I’ll...
  6. 15dec

    [Venting] Why do i bother

    Since deciding I was going to ctb I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how it’s going to impact all my loved ones but honestly I don’t know why I bother, I just found out all my friends have made plans without me across all of Christmas or they’ve just uninvited me. I feel like I try really...
  7. 15dec

    Inquests into deaths by ctb

    What will happen in an inquest into the death from suicide? Is there any way I can make the process easier for my loved ones?
  8. 15dec

    [Discussion] Do you worry anyone will ctb because you did?

    It’s been on my mind for a while, so I’m wondering if anyone else feels similarly or if it’s just me being anxious. My dad told me that if I were to commit suicide he would as well. I also worry about a close friend who has his own mental illnesses and previous suicide attempts, because he’s...
  9. 15dec

    [Discussion] Do you wish you could tell your loved ones to make the most of their time with you before you ctb?

    I wish I could tell my loved ones I won’t be here much longer. I know they’ll feel incredibly guilty when I ctb, especially if they feel like they hadn’t spent enough time with me, or made the most of it. It would be amazing if there was some way I could tell them I’ll be gone soon and want to...
  10. 15dec

    [Venting] Heard some bad news

    I had a pretty deep conversation with my dad this morning. I had an argument with my mum and she stormed out and when I was venting to my dad about things she does, like making me feel guilty for feeling depressed and moving/losing my belongings and blaming me for it, he ended up telling me a...
  11. 15dec

    [Story] Cousins ctb

    I've never really been able to talk about this in detail, but this seems like a perfect place to talk about it. Two of my cousins ctb, one before I was born (I’ll call him K) and the other two years ago (I’ll call her A). It bothers me for a lot of reasons and it’s mostly how my family (and the...
  12. S

    [Venting] Family/celebration

    Today my dad had birthday and lot of people came into my house including two 9year old whitch came only to get me off out of my computer to play (they said they coming to see me ofc) and the father's friends and my mother looking at me like a Iam alien or something I don't even know what do they...
  13. anthomaniac

    [Story] What is your favorite memory?

    Since my last failed attempt of CTB, i've found myself rewinding through my memories a lot, often coming across those top good times i've been through, those one that sometimes even make me reconsider my decision (until i remember, the people i had those memories with are no longer with me) so...
  14. eczema

    Being treated like a child due to disability

    i'm autistic, and everyone in my family acts like i'm five. and when i was five they acted like i was a baby. my parents have legal custody of me and don't give me any choice in my own life- i'm hardly ever allowed to be alone at home. people don't talk about important things in front of me, and...
  15. AntiLifeEric

    [Discussion] Water-fasting to make c-ingtb possible

    I've been thinking about how so many people want out of this life, but fear and depression actually keep them, here, because no one wants to die miserable and feeling alone. It's a long shot, but those with the resources could try water fasting to get their bodies cleaner, and get them feeling...
  16. SeventyNine

    [Venting] Feeling guilty because of my family

    Hi everyone. So, to start this rant off, I am 18 years old and an only child. I've had several mental illnesses since I was little. I am pretty much done with life. My next academic year begins in September. It would be my last year in high school and I'd spend it preparing for my graduation...
  17. Tiburcio

    Hate living with family

    When my family is at home, I can't do anything. I can't play, watch or listen anything without being annoyed and disrupted. I don't like any of this things to be honest but is still better than doing anything staring at things. I can't cry because this leads to bigger problems. I must pretend...
  18. ForestDuck

    Is it worth telling family?

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanted to share my story with you guys, as I know you can understand or relate in some way. I suppose the best way to start this is by stating the obvious, I'm trapped here, I physically feel imprisoned in this life, I've tried to take my life twice in the past and...
  19. I

    Another day, friends, family and another set of symptoms

    I have other really horrible symptoms now too which I am almost certain are related to the benzo withdrawal. I am bleeding every month in between my periods, which makes me think I have cancer even though I probably do not, I watched both my biological dad and my stepdad die slowly from cancer...
  20. P

    [Help] Dealing with friends pre-death

    Hey there! Thank you for letting me become a part of this community and hopefully this first post won’t fall flat on its face. So for a plethora of reasons, I will be killing myself in the near future (while I still have money and resources for the exit bag method). I won’t go into the...