1. S

    [Discussion] Minimum height to jump from to guarantee death

    I live in an apartment complex with buildings that are over 20 floors high, so jumping is a method #1 on my list. I'm thinking of doing it that way, so I wanted to know the minimum height necessary to have a 100% certainty of death. I don't want to get it wrong because I'm absolutely terrified...
  2. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Anhedonia thread

    I wonder if somebody here has stopped experienced pleasure in the thungs they liked to do ...or in my case, they never truly enjoyed anything. I saw a lot of people here with anhedonia, like me. For me music is noise, stories are messed words, films are just frames... But everything feels...
  3. Tiburcio

    [Help] Nothing holds my weight

    I tried hanging myself but I ever fall. Where should I tie the noose? Doors, lamps, my shower etc. are too weak for hold my weight (65 kg, they are very weak). I considered hanging of a tree but the nearest forest it's very far. Where is the best place for hanging?