1. Tiburcio

    I tried it but i can't. i'm scared as fuck.

    I decided today was the day. It's the perfect moment for doing it. My parents will come back in a week so I thought if I had a lot of time for myself it would give me confidence and valor for hanging myself. But no. I was pushed back again. That irrational fear I spoke about so many times...
  2. Zanexx

    Hey, hoping to find like-minded people

    I'm Zanexx - not my real name obviously. I'm physically female and in my mid-20s. Fundamentally, I am almost completely nihilistic and close enough to an antinatalist. At the very least, I see no inherent value in life. I was supposed to die on either the 9th or the 13th, but shit happened (no...
  3. A

    [Help] Failing helium method?

    >Bag on head >Squish bag so all air goes out >Fill bag with helium >Exhale all air from lungs >Pull down bag >Breathe >.... >.... >.... >Nothing happens What kind of bullshit is that? I have never passed out in my life so maybe I am a mutant or something but seriously wtf? I've read that most...