failed attempt

  1. L

    [Help] I am scared.

    I am scared as I failed my latest attempt. I wasn't close to blacking out, but I could feel the blood pressurize against my vessels as it tried to escape. I felt like my whole face was getting heavier and my nerves would rupture. I felt like the synapses in my brain would tear. And I am mostly...
  2. Mimzi2LoveU

    Failed. Solutions?

    Was going to do it today but by the time I decided my adrenaline had worn off from what hhappened and self preservation kicked in. . I'm so fucking tired of this shit!! I guess I need a new way but I'm not really familiar with other methods nor do I have access to prescriptions abd I don't...
  3. Blacktarheroine

    CTB for New Year's Res- back after failure

    Hello again everyone.. I've been gone for about a month or so.. I am not sure how far through my attempt I got but I am still freaking here, after a couple of brief visits and wake ups in the psych wards, I am thinking of changing a few things, such as not leaving behind a note, although it...
  4. Tiburcio

    I tried it but i can't. i'm scared as fuck.

    I decided today was the day. It's the perfect moment for doing it. My parents will come back in a week so I thought if I had a lot of time for myself it would give me confidence and valor for hanging myself. But no. I was pushed back again. That irrational fear I spoke about so many times...