failed attempt

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  1. P

    What do you do if you get caught attempting suicide?

    Hello, If, for some reason, you get caught while attempting suicide, what should one do? What's the best defense to avoid psych ward or consequences? Should one deny or say it was just an impulse? I live in France if that matters
  2. mentionized1

    [Help] Unable to pass out by partial suspension nor chocking

    I tried partial suspension something around four to five times but I'm unable to pass out. I tried it while standing, leaning, sitting and even lying. And I tried chocking myself while lying in bed by tightening the rope around my neck. Before doing all of this I always checked the exact time to...
  3. whyidon'tknow

    Failed again/xanax help

    Told myself I would ctb this weekend by hanging yet here I am. I hate this. Not like my mind is coming up with reasons to stay, it just gets me to stop. I truly do not want to be here and do not want to get better. I have a lead on some xanax and heard that it can overcome SI. Does anyone...
  4. T

    Update: I failed

    I’m more broken up than ever before. All I want to do is cry. My CO detector read 999, I got in my truck, I fell asleep for roughly 3hrs...and I barely even have a headache. I metabolize everything quickly — anesthesia, alcohol, medication — but as far as I know, carbon monoxide shouldn’t be...
  5. DrownedOctopus

    Aftermath of a failed attempt

    I spent some time hospitalized after my last failed attempt. and now I’m on meds. This is the first time I’ve ever been hospitalized because of this or on any type of medication. This is the first time anyone has even found me, and now EVERYONE knows what’s been going on with me. They all...
  6. Rivotrial

    My painfull attempt with Luminal and Xanax

    This is my failed attempt I wanna share with you 3 years ago I got a call from my cousin. She told me that she knowed what I did with my other cousin entire years. She wasn't blaming me, but it didn't help eather. My modesty and guilt was that huge that I started my first impulsive attempt...
  7. I want to die

    [Discussion] Am I the only one?

    I can’t help but feel like a big failure whenever I fail a suicide attempt. Am I the only one or are you happy that you didn’t succeed ? No need for details, just general feeling :)
  8. L

    [Help] I am scared.

    I am scared as I failed my latest attempt. I wasn't close to blacking out, but I could feel the blood pressurize against my vessels as it tried to escape. I felt like my whole face was getting heavier and my nerves would rupture. I felt like the synapses in my brain would tear. And I am mostly...
  9. Mimzi2LoveU

    Failed. Solutions?

    Was going to do it today but by the time I decided my adrenaline had worn off from what hhappened and self preservation kicked in. . I'm so fucking tired of this shit!! I guess I need a new way but I'm not really familiar with other methods nor do I have access to prescriptions abd I don't...
  10. Blacktarheroine

    CTB for New Year's Res- back after failure

    Hello again everyone.. I've been gone for about a month or so.. I am not sure how far through my attempt I got but I am still freaking here, after a couple of brief visits and wake ups in the psych wards, I am thinking of changing a few things, such as not leaving behind a note, although it...
  11. Tiburcio

    I tried it but i can't. i'm scared as fuck.

    I decided today was the day. It's the perfect moment for doing it. My parents will come back in a week so I thought if I had a lot of time for myself it would give me confidence and valor for hanging myself. But no. I was pushed back again. That irrational fear I spoke about so many times...