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  1. xXSarac3nSlay3rXx

    What is More Likely to Kill Me? Inert Gas or CO2

    I have a 40 cu ft container of Nitrogen at the ready but I’m still afraid something will go wrong and that I’ll survive. I was reading recently about the night night method. That seems good in theory because if you secure the bean bags with duct tape, I don’t see how I could get it off after I...
  2. Tiburcio

    Somebody here died using the exit bag method?

    I was thinking and I don't remember nobody who died using it. If it's so peaceful I don't know why there aren't more users, maybe because it's hard to prepare. I don't know, somebody died with the exit bag method?
  3. A

    [Help] Exit guidebook june, 2018

    I saw they have updated the ebook as of June, 2018. Can someone share it to us please? Thanks!
  4. M

    [Help] Exit bag suggestions

    I have made an exit hood based off the instruction of "Doing it with Chiï - Making an Exit Bag" and Peaceful Pill 2017 Edition. I am creating a hood using 19 x 23.5 inch oven bags and some clear PVC. The way the instructions talk about making the hood involves using the clear PVC with 1/4 inch...