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  1. H

    [Method] Exit bag + helium supplies NL

    Hello peeps! Long story short, I would like to soon end my psychological misery and so far the exit bag method with helium seems the most appealing. I am not very good at constructing things but have a problem with perfectionism - always need to know I'm doing things the right way. Therefore...
  2. MissNietzsche

    [Method] Does anyone have any resources on inert gas asphyxiation/exit bags?

    Nitrogen asphyxiation has been my method of choice since I was 17/18 because of the painlessness...but as intellectual I am, I absolutely suck at anything practical. The regulators..the valves..all of it confuses the hell out of me. I could just go the Max Dog Brewing method, but I really don’t...
  3. S

    Helium does not inflate balloons - cause for concern?

    I rented a large helium tank from a local welding supply store and was planning on using it with the exit bag method. However, I attempted to fill a few balloons with the stuff before I attempted and found that the balloons do not float. Is this cause for concern? Should I not use it? The shop...
  4. S

    Exit bag. Convulsions after loss of consciousness.

    Convulsions after loss of consciousness. I heard that after loss of consciousness convulsions begin and because of them suicide can failed (you can pull the bag off your head, or to push a cylinder so that the hose will take off from under a bag). What should be done to prevent this from...
  5. Watcher

    [Method] Propane Exit bag

    I tested it, and it can work, I didnt feel any pain, I just got scared because I started to see colors, and I think my gas tank is not huge enough, but I'm completely shure it can work! The dificult part here, it is taking me too much time to fill up the bag with gas... And I know it can be...
  6. C

    Nitrogen + exit bag; confirmed suicide

    https://kstp.com/news/eden-prairie-man-pleads-guilty-assisting-wife-suicide/5239686/ Charge Description: That on or about August 15, 2018, Thomas James Houck, intentionally advised, encouraged, or assisted another, a known adult female, in taking Victim 1's own life. STATEMENT OF PROBABLE...
  7. color_me_gone

    [Method] Proposed mask to replace exit bag (for critique and / or suggestions

    I am researching an alternative to the oven roasting bag over head, for inert gas asphyxiation, aka Exit Bag. Warning: this is a proposed alternate method for critique and / or suggestions! This has NOT yet been built or tested! Figure 1: 3M 6100 Half Facepiece Respirator $17 Figure 2: Same...
  8. DarkTear

    [Help] Exit bag - best position for the hose inside the bag

    @Smilla and I had a discussion about the best position for the end of the hose inside an exit bag. We came to the conclusion that the best position is probably the top of the bag (like in the attached picture). Why? Because the exhaled CO2 must get out of the bag. If the inert gas is streaming...
  9. Singing In The Rain

    Exit bag: helium amount and purity... is 97% enough?

    Anyone know how big of a tank is needed for an averaged size male around 90kg and the helium purity required for the exit bag method to work effectively? Cause a lot of places seem to put oxygen in the tanks now which sucks. I think I know a party store that hires tanks of helium out which does...
  10. TheCrow

    Neighbors & a nitrogen tank

    Hi. I plan to use the exit bag/nitrogen method, and I am concerned about the attention the nitrogen tank will draw when it is delivered. I am disabled, so I can’t go pick one up, and I have no friends, so I can’t “trick” someone into helping me with this. My maintenance guy brings all deliveries...
  11. TheCrow

    Exit bag construction

    Hi, I need help with what I hope will work as an exit bag. I have a clear bag the size of the one suggested in Peaceful Pill that has a drawstring at the bottom because it was originally used for apples. Because of the original purpose of the bag, it has several small, round holes in it. Would...
  12. Smilla

    [Method] Exit bag method important tip

    As most of you who are planning on using the exit bag method with inert gas already know...the bag shouldn’t be too tight around your neck so as to allow co2 to escape through the bottom, but not so loose that the gas you are using escapes too rapidly. I received a recent tip from someone who...
  13. C

    (in the us) does anyone know where to buy pure nitrogen?

    is Walmart trustable for that? I’m in the south east us, by the way. I’m trying to make an exit bag. I appreciate any tips.. thanks
  14. C

    Exit bag.. tips?

    I'm planning to use an exit bag. I've done a little research so far I've read: Use a 14.9 cubic foot tank try to find nitrogen as helium tanks are so diluted do it laying down so bag doesn't slip off head if you fall over after you pass out. Could i get some more tips? Where does one get a...
  15. chronicpainnomore

    I don't want to go, but i have been handed my hat.

    A little background: I am a veteran. After a parachute accident that injured my back, I underwent an experimental back surgery in the military, the results of which were dismal. I was left in chronic pain ever since, I was medically discharged from the military, and for 13 years, I have relied...
  16. A

    [Help] Failing helium method?

    >Bag on head >Squish bag so all air goes out >Fill bag with helium >Exhale all air from lungs >Pull down bag >Breathe >.... >.... >.... >Nothing happens What kind of bullshit is that? I have never passed out in my life so maybe I am a mutant or something but seriously wtf? I've read that most...
  17. A

    [Story] My goodbye post

    I am planning to end it in the next couple of days but honestly, finding a time where I'm alone is not easy. The schedule is against me. I have been on r/SanctionedSuicide and r/TrueSanctionedSuicide and now, r/TimeToGo(TTG) for around 3 months and a half now. I made some friends there and...
  18. A

    [Resource] Strangulation and Exit Bag method

    This book has pretty much all you need to know about strangulation, of all kinds. This + my experiments should give you a good idea of what strangulation is. It also has a bit of information about exit bags and whatnot but I didn't pay attention to it. Here you go. Link version 1...