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  1. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Immortality would be horrible.

    I think Immortality, or just a very long life would be absolutely horrible, and very boring and tedious. It would be even worse if you dont stay healthy and young forever. I would not want to be immortal, or live over 100, maybe 200 years. Is anyone here, who thinks immortality would be horrible...
  2. Plankter

    I want to share my favorite picture in the world with you guys

    This is the Ultra Deep Field image taken by the Hubble telescope: You may have seen it before, it's a popular image. Unless you have, let me introduce you to my favorite picture ever. Everything you see in the picture besides the 3 or 4 bright spots (which are stars) are galaxies (there are...
  3. Tiburcio

    [reflexion] being suicidal is a blessing.

    Before you continue reading I must warn you: very few people will understand my point of view. The most problable think is you will strongly disagree with what I'm going to say and think I'm crazy or very young for having a solid vision of reality. This is a very philisofic post. And my longest...