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  1. Baskol1

    If the christian god is real, hes evil.

    If the christian God, or rather Yahweh really exists, hes absolutely evil. Hes all knowing, and all powerful, so he must have created evil. Christians say we choose to do evil. But who did create evil? God did it of course. He knew that eve will eat the apple, yet did plant the tree right in...
  2. Futility

    [Venting] Dealing with a necrophile, could use some advice too.

    So, I know of a whole lot about my boyfriend's abusive stepfather that I wish I didn't. I really need someone's advice on this because for the last few months, it's been getting to me really bad despite having moved away. If you're easily offended or squeamish, I recommend you leave this thread...
  3. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Whats the worst thing someone said to you?

    Platitudes are often useless, but most of the time well intentioned. But then there are people who treat people with depression or similar illnesses like shit. What is the worst thing someone said to you, because of your problems in life? What was the most hurtful comment youve ever heard?
  4. Tiburcio

    I spit on almost every human

    I simply spit on all them. I never saw a more closed, selfish and aggresive shit in my life. Toxic piles of shit, that's all humans are. Always causing problems and justifying eveything they do, always with their aggresivity and their stupid pride or their ideas of shit and trapoing others. And...
  5. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] It's society so bad?

    I noticed the most part of this forum (incluided me) shows hate of rejection to the society. And it's not something strange. I write this because I want to see general opinions about this and what society did to you, and maybe if you want, you can do some venting. Well, I will begin. (WARNING...