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  1. O

    [Method] easy to get medicine

    I would like, witch mecine can i take to become peaceful, i find it very hard to get, because most recommended medicines are hard to buy in my country, any suggestions?
  2. Stranger

    [Help] Cheap, Easy & Fast Method

    Hello everyone. Could someone help me? I'm gonna need a backup plan in case my plan for Cerberine toxin doesn't work out. What's the cheap and easy method could someone use for a fast death? That could possibly go unnoticed in a hospital. :hihi:
  3. T

    [Method] Poison metod

    can someone recommend me a combination of lethal chemicals or some commercial access poison. I am brasilian tranks.
  4. alice-jane

    [Discussion] Is a 155-ft high bridge a safe bet? There is a bridge that nobody has survived.

    I am trying to find the least painful way. I am an ex-alcoholic and will plan to drink until drunk, then jump. I am too lazy and depressed to arrange a will or to write a note. The only thing I will miss is my cat. But my roommate loves her and will take care of her.