1. DrownedOctopus

    [Discussion] Do you do things to get yourself killed?

    Do you do little things that may or may not get you killed in hopes that one day it will succeed? Like not wearing a seatbelt or something similar? I do things like that often because I think it’d be easier for my family to understand and cope if I were killed in some “tragic accident”..not so...
  2. V

    [Discussion] What do you think it will “feel” like as you die?

    I haven’t set a date or anything, but I know the time for me to die draws near. With this realisation, a number of questions have started forming in my head. The biggest question, the one that I spend most of my time trying to reconcile with is “what will it feel like dying?”. Now don’t confuse...
  3. 15dec

    Books or articles to come to terms with death

    Does anyone know any good books or articles that’d help to come to terms with death?
  4. InaccessibleHour

    Alright. gonna ctb within 4 nights, probably tonight or tomorrow night

    I haven't been here very long, but I was very glad I came across this site when I did, and regretted I didn't check it out sooner when I first seen it a while ago. Because it was an open web site, and several weeks ago I was thoroughly searching the Dark Web in hopes of encountering a pro death...
  5. Tiburcio

    How downloading dignified dying book

    I'm interested on this book but my economic situation is not good and I can't buy it. Somebody knows how can I download it free, as pdf, ebook or something??