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  1. Baskol1

    [Method] Why is N so hard to get?

    Is it illegal and hard to get because it could be used to kill someone? Or is it really because people commited suicide with N? Its probably because you could use it to kill easely someone, right? Or doesnt the government want that someone kills themselves?
  2. I want to die

    [Method] Curious

    What would be the worst reaction to overdosing on cocain ? Would someone simply stop breathing or would start seeing things?
  3. O

    [Method] easy to get medicine

    I would like, witch mecine can i take to become peaceful, i find it very hard to get, because most recommended medicines are hard to buy in my country, any suggestions?
  4. D

    [Discussion] Is it logical to kill yourself before experiencing true happiness?

    Both me and my friend agree that suicide is a valid option in life. So here's what I want to discuss. If happiness is the ultimate goal in life, is it logical to kill yourself before you've experienced maximum levels of happiness via drugs chemically altering your brain? I think that it isn't...
  5. Memento Mori

    psychoactive substances aka 'drugs'

    vote is set to 'anonymous' I added two separate sections for pharmaceuticals: medical use as prescribed and 'abuse' to get high/flee from reality/chase purple pickles/anything else Once I prefered everything I could get, now It's been some years since I touched any substances, just dear Mary...
  6. Schizoid

    [Help] Questions About Amitriptyline Cocktail

    Sorry for my bed england! I want to commit suicide with Amitriptyline Cocktail but i have some questions about the cocktail, because i found some cardiac drugs. Can anyone answer my questions? MY DRUGS -The Original Amitriptyline Cocktail *Laroxyl 25 mg 40 tablets x 10 boxes = 10...
  7. Larry

    [Discussion] Best drugs obtainable to commit suicide

    Hello. I'll preface this with the acknowledgement that yes, indeed this is a very controversial topic to most ordinary people but please understand that under individual circumstances, where death is near and inevitable, one should have the freedom and right to choose to leave this world sooner...
  8. Sasha

    [Help] Reliable site to get sn.

    Whats the most reliable site to get Sodium Nitrite. How much does it cost?