1. Mircea

    [Discussion] Drowning in the ocean

    After months of thinking about my plan to escape this world, I have a full scenario planned. I've not yet decided if and when I will have to carry it out but am now prepared for it. I would like to share it here for feedback and to hear other peoples thoughts on it. Note that, in order to avoid...
  2. krtgrf

    [Method] Benzodiazepines/sleep medication + hanging/drowning?

    I was thinking of combining methods for something calmer and/or more effective. And this brought an idea to me. Would combining benzodiazepines/sleep medication with hanging/drowning help keep your body more relaxed? Could you lay down in a full bathtub and wait until passing out and drown...
  3. S

    Drowning in bathub

    i have tried it in swimming pool tonight and it was pretty eazy .. even when my survival instinct told me to breath i put my head above water but was still holding breath and put my head into the water again.. i need to ask how much time i need so noone will find me and save me till i'll be...
  4. W

    [Method] Drowning?

    I'm chronically ill and becoming increasingly restricted physically. I'm also watched like a hawk by my abusive parents. I have sodium nitrite but am somewhat hesitant to use it because our house is small and they could be easily alerted if I become sick. I am considering ending it this week on...
  5. RevolutionaryRed

    Alcohol, xans and a river?

    I need your help. I don't have a lot of options, I don't have a gun , no talk buildings in my small town , no N, etc. So I was thinking of popping a few xans, getting drunk then jumping into the town lake. You think it'll work ?