1. Deadgirl

    [Discussion] Does anyone dream about killing themselves?

    I daydream about hanging myself. In my dreams i either drive to Mexico to buy N and swallow it or I jump off cliffs/bridges. I also shoot myself. It may sound strange but this happened with my most lethal attempt, accept this time no one knows i am ctb.
  2. C

    [Story] The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition

    The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition, Within my current volition, I don’t believe I see the future, Sure I can entertain that, Even be enlighten by that, Or try to educate myself on that, In my dreams or nightmares, Maybe within deja vu, Not to sound like a fool, But have you ever...
  3. daikon

    Anybody else want to ctb because of dreams/nightmares?

    It’s not my main reason, but every time the dreams/nightmares come back, I feel so sure that I can’t live the rest of my life being subjected to random psychological torture by my subconscious. My life really is just a series of nightmares.
  4. willowtrees0

    [Discussion] Do you think dreams mean anything?

    I have always been fascinated by dreaming. I have read people that have lucid dreams and even had 2 myself. they really do feel like a out of body experience. I have been making a ctb plan lately. more thought out and wrting my suicide note by hand. It has seemed to have caused some crazy...
  5. Plankter

    Have you ever killed yourself in a lucid dream

    Just curious
  6. Smilla

    Premonition dreams?

    Does anyone experience these?