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  1. PariahCarey

    [Venting] Art and Suicide

    Everyone is obviously born with a certain thing that they're good at. and even if you weren't born with that, you're almost certainly born with things that you like and are attracted to. I had that naive obsession with the things i think are beautiful since I was very young. Im really into tv...
  2. Plankter

    [Discussion] Exceptionally weird dreams after surgery under general anesthesia ?

    Has anyone else experienced exceptionally weird dreams after undergoing medical surgery under general anesthesia ? I had a surgery on my nose 5 days ago and I've had the weirdest dreams I've ever had in the past 4 nights, every night, twice a night since i wake up every 4 hours due to the...
  3. Righttodie

    Share Dreams that will go unfulfilled

    Place to share the dreams you have had for life and feel will never be fulfilled because of how life has turned out. Or maybe dreams you wish can be fulfilled as you have some hope for the future. Not only the body dies, all dreams and hopes do too
  4. Deadgirl

    [Discussion] Does anyone dream about killing themselves?

    I daydream about hanging myself. In my dreams i either drive to Mexico to buy N and swallow it or I jump off cliffs/bridges. I also shoot myself. It may sound strange but this happened with my most lethal attempt, accept this time no one knows i am ctb.
  5. C

    [Story] The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition

    The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition, Within my current volition, I don’t believe I see the future, Sure I can entertain that, Even be enlighten by that, Or try to educate myself on that, In my dreams or nightmares, Maybe within deja vu, Not to sound like a fool, But have you ever...
  6. daikon

    Anybody else want to ctb because of dreams/nightmares?

    It’s not my main reason, but every time the dreams/nightmares come back, I feel so sure that I can’t live the rest of my life being subjected to random psychological torture by my subconscious. My life really is just a series of nightmares.
  7. willowtrees0

    [Discussion] Do you think dreams mean anything?

    I have always been fascinated by dreaming. I have read people that have lucid dreams and even had 2 myself. they really do feel like a out of body experience. I have been making a ctb plan lately. more thought out and wrting my suicide note by hand. It has seemed to have caused some crazy...
  8. Plankter

    Have you ever killed yourself in a lucid dream

    Just curious
  9. Smilla

    Premonition dreams?

    Does anyone experience these?