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  1. DrownedOctopus

    [Help] I feel like I’m dreaming

    I hate the feeling I get when I get extremely anxious with these thoughts that I have. It’s like I’ll go extremely numb and feel nothing, like I’m on the back burner in my own body, like I’m in a dream. I feel like I’m watching someone else take control of me, and that I have no feelings...
  2. willowtrees0

    [Discussion] Do you think dreams mean anything?

    I have always been fascinated by dreaming. I have read people that have lucid dreams and even had 2 myself. they really do feel like a out of body experience. I have been making a ctb plan lately. more thought out and wrting my suicide note by hand. It has seemed to have caused some crazy...
  3. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Do you feel broken?

    I mean literally broken. I literally feel I have shards of glass inside me which never will be repaired. After looking at my dreams and being conscient of reality, I decided to get rid of my dreams and goals. The path is too long, the reward was extremely decompensated in comparison. Motivation...
  4. MindfulEyes009

    I want to die dreaming and things after

    I think it would be nice.Im thinking of learning Lucid dreaming and figuring out a painless death so i dont wake up. Could you imagine? i may be naive or something but when i feel happy just thinking of going to bed so i can escape myself and this shitty life. Id like some thoughts, opinions...