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  1. xXSarac3nSlay3rXx

    [Help] Should I Donate Tissue or Become a Cadaver After CTB? (or both?)

    I didn’t get any helpful information from reddit, so I thought I’d post this here. I know that donating organs is damn near impossible if you don’t die in a hospital bed on life support. I’ve tried contacting transplant centers in my state for living kidney donation but I’ve been turned down...
  2. Ali

    [Discussion] I feel ignored like in real life

    I hope not to be ignored again :( I tried ctb these days, but I have not had the courage and that damn survival instinct ... I hate it! How would you like to be fired? Actually I do not care much since I would be dead. But I know that my family will miss me in some way and I do not want to...
  3. Smilla


    I would have loved to make a donation but don’t have a bitcoin account. Is there any other way?