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  1. 9

    [Method] Speed up detergent method

    Could the production of hydro sulfur be speed up, if you use sulfur powder or iron sulfide instead of lime sulfur and if you use concentrated sulfuric acid instead of hydro acid in a very close space(1,5 m³)? Could a concentration of 1000 ppa reached in one minute? Is here any chemist, who can...
  2. S

    [Help] Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Help

    Hello, I am having trouble finding a substitute for Bonide Lime Sulfur Spray or any other product like it. Every place I looked to buy lime sulfur spray stopped selling it or is too far away and too expensive to get. I have found several Lime Sulfur Dips on Amazon that are used to treat animals...
  3. WastedAir42

    Help! i don't want this to be another attempt, i want to succeed

    I recently discovered chemical suicide. Which I am confident I can complete as long as I have proper qualities. I see so much referencing to a Japanese site giving directions and offering a calculator to determine how much one would need for cubic space. Does anyone have any info on this? Or...