1. I want to die

    [Discussion] Random question

    This might be a stupid question but where the heck do people find hard drugs?!? Or guns?!? It seems like something I just see in movies! (not weed.)
  2. muretax

    [Venting] Depression Session

    I’m just going to jump right into it. I left a management position last year to take care of my mental health. I almost didn’t make it this far and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been unemployed since late last October and I got my first interview for a new job next week and usually...
  3. muretax

    It’s been a while

    Hey, everyone. The last time I posted in here was back in December. I had a plan to end it all before 2019 started and unfortunately that never happened. The last week of 2018, I got sick and was misdiagnosed and I didn’t want to spend my last moments sick, unable to see my family for the last...
  4. Plankter

    [Venting] Spring is depressing

    It's tough to see happy people doing happy people things outside. The warm weather and clear skies also put a pressure on me to go out and do happy people things but sadly that's just not gonna happen. I hate this time of the year.
  5. F

    [Discussion] Isn't it scary to 'know' there's no god?

    I was brought up very religiously but after suffering from OCD and depression for over 12 years and calling out to god for help with no response, it seems there most likely is no god to help us. Which means nobody is in control, human beings are free to do whatever they want to each other...
  6. F

    What harm can a little waiting do?

    Hello I'm new here. Would you mind reading my story, it'd make me feel a little better. I've been suffering for a while now. I "contracted" my mental illness (OCD) when I was 12 (now I'm 24). I don't know something in my brain blew off at that age making me develop full blown OCD. Until then...
  7. Plankter

    I want to share my favorite picture in the world with you guys

    This is the Ultra Deep Field image taken by the Hubble telescope: You may have seen it before, it's a popular image. Unless you have, let me introduce you to my favorite picture ever. Everything you see in the picture besides the 3 or 4 bright spots (which are stars) are galaxies (there are...
  8. S

    [Discussion] Music you listen to suffer

    does anyone else listen to really gruesome and disturbing music? if so, what?
  9. CFLoser

    [Venting] Wish I could be a magical girl from Sailor Moon. :/

    I've been watching Sailor Moon and I want to be able to help people and fight the clear evil people. In the sailor moon world, everyone is happy for the most part, the evil lady just ruins things (metaphor for depression). I wanna be able to stop those forces with my group of friends. Plus I...
  10. CFLoser

    [Method] Minecraft as a way to diagnose depression. [Maybe dumb]

    I was thinking... If you start up a minecraft world, single player, and u are able to enjoy yourself for at least a month spending hours daily... then you may not be depressed. Since it's a sandbox game, you have to make your own enjoyment. If you can make that enjoyment in minecraft, then you...
  11. whisper_willow

    [Venting] I don't think I have long for this world.

    Hello, Willow here. As the title states I don't think I have long for this world. I really want to live I think, but i can't keep going on like this. my life is getting worse. i'm tired of taking pills, I'm too tired to work anymore. I can't hardly function at work and I'm not going to get...
  12. M

    [Venting] Thank you Guys

    I'm feeling super down right now so I guess that's why I decided to just give my first post. Well just wanted to thank everyone on this site and how I was blessed to find ss on Reddi long ago because it changed my life I used to be so hopefully with all the "suicide is wrong. there is hope for...
  13. I am ___________

    [Discussion] I had a dream, what do you think it means?

    Today I had a dream where me and my twin were on some sort of transportation, like a bus or train. All i know is that we were on something that was moving and could see the terrain (houses, background, etc). All of a sudden I see my twin is being attacked by a group of other guys, I rushed to...
  14. WhoStevik

    Depressed then psychotic

    My experience shows melancholic depression, if not treated and don't end up in a suicide will turn to psychosis. I don't know what is happening or why. In fact, it took too long for me to realize I'm depressed. I never had a diagnostic, but my pathology is mainly anxiety, insomnia and paranoia...
  15. muretax

    [Venting] Depression

    I’ve been really depressed the past couple of days. I have no energy or the interest to do anything and I’ve been trying my hardest to hide my emotions from my loved ones so they don’t start questioning if I’m safe to be alone or not. My family is the type to throw my in a psych ward at any hint...
  16. orchidteeth

    [Venting] Keppra

    I am posting this mainly to see if any of you have had any experience with Keppra(Levetiracetam). It is an anti seizure medication, as I had 2 seizures for seemingly no reason a few weeks ago. Since starting this medication, I would say it hass worsened my depression ten fold. It causes me to...
  17. B

    [Discussion] Anyone else here a failed artist?

    All my life I've been coddled and told how great of an artist I am. All bullshit. I'm no prodigy. I'm worthless and so is anything I make. It infuriates me how no one will admit it.
  18. Blacktarheroine

    CTB for New Year's Res- back after failure

    Hello again everyone.. I've been gone for about a month or so.. I am not sure how far through my attempt I got but I am still freaking here, after a couple of brief visits and wake ups in the psych wards, I am thinking of changing a few things, such as not leaving behind a note, although it...
  19. Niko

    [Help] psychological shock?

    somebody here must know what this means? psychological shock? something kind of awful happened to me recently and i'm too embarrassed to discuss it right now. but my automatic reaction seems to be that i've entered a kind of shocked state.. my brain and body are almost paralyzed and all i can...
  20. Niko

    [Discussion] What does your life feel like?

    I was curious as to what everybody on this forum felt like their lives are like? I imagine 'depressing' would be a common answer, for example, but then what does that itself feel like to you? for me my life feels like the gravity got turned up to 11: everything feels heavy, everything's so...