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  1. RedPanda

    [Help] Maybe you can offer some help with my current situation

    Hi So I've done quite a bit of venting on this forum. Anyway i don't want this post to be too long. You can tell me whether my fathers decision is selfish or actually concerning. My dad is a pensioner, yes, i still live with him and assist with paying bills/buying groceries whenever I can but...
  2. D

    [Venting] how many times do I have to feel suicidal?!?

    I’m really suicidal, and I want to end it and buy a rope. I’m good for nothing, nobody cares about me, I can’t feel happy. Everything is wrong. I wanna end this so bad. I’m tired of this torture
  3. 3cookies

    I want to ctb but keep putting it off....

    I seriously want to ctb before I’m no long able to without assistance. I want to die on my own terms and not this drawn out, slow, and epically painful way. But every time I set a date to ctb something happens and I postpone. Things that have happened: I was seriously sick & throwing up so I...
  4. J

    [Venting] New here

    My boyfriend just broke up with me today. He was the only friend I had and now I have to get used to feeling isolated again. I don’t have any friends because they all left me when I went to the hospital after my first attempt. I wonder if I should try again. I only have a bunch of trazadone and...
  5. jellybelly4

    Self Harm

    I’ve been in a very dark place recently and it has become harder to cope and remain calm. I stopped cutting myself years ago but I’ve always been great at keeping it hidden. Nowhere visible by the public. I just didn’t want to look like “a cry for help”. I want to start again because I just need...
  6. DrownedOctopus

    [Venting] Tired of being tired

    I’ve spent the past 2 weeks or so in a really bad place. Not just what I consider a normal bad, it’s oddly worse. I’m tired of being exhausted all the time. I’m tired of not sleeping despite feeling like I’ll going to pass out any moment. I’m bitter not feeling like I have the energy or...
  7. ☆SadUnicorn☆

    Can this kill you?

    A very stupid thought What about putting a rope rlly right around ur neck and passing out/sleeping like that. What is the worst that could happen?
  8. ☆SadUnicorn☆

    I just wanna leave

    I just wanna die. I wish there was some easy way out that doesn't have a way back. I only could slit wrist rlly atm but it's never possible I never can deep enough. Idk what to do. I just can't handle all this pain over and over again. I rlly don't want this anymore
  9. B

    [Discussion] Anyone else here a failed artist?

    All my life I've been coddled and told how great of an artist I am. All bullshit. I'm no prodigy. I'm worthless and so is anything I make. It infuriates me how no one will admit it.
  10. Niko

    [Method] method for when you're so fucking tired??

    idk if this was asked before... I don't have the energy to do anything. I really had the impulse to ctb today but I couldn't get off my bed. I slept and slept and when I was awake I stared into the darkness and tried desperately to go back to sleep. I'm basically dead already really, no...
  11. Borntodie

    What is causing you to be upset the most?

    I’m depressed. Really depressed. This is probably the only time of day (1am) that I don’t spend crying or worrying about something. I know some stuff are related like abuse and bullying but I think they have their differences.
  12. Josef

    [Venting] Family preventing my death

    I really want to die at 17 years old. I’ve attempted several times without thinking of my family. Now when I plan my suicide I just think of how heartbroken my younger brother would be. It’s such a shame that I have to stay alive and suffer just for the sake of others, I think it’s very...