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  1. K

    Is it better for family to have a body for their greiving process?

    Im feeling ready to jump, there is a cliff by the sea at the other side of the country thats a hotspot for suicide that's calling me. Been thinking this week about the impact of family no lt having a body to properly dispose of do any of you have any insight?
  2. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Why aer some people completely against assisted dying?

    Why are there some people who are completel y against assisted dying, in any case? Do they like to wach others suffer who wants die? Or whats the reasonthat some people are completely opposed under all circumstances to assisted dying? What about the nonreligious ones?
  3. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Anyone else not bothered by extreme violence?

    Im not at all bothered by extreme violence or gore, or blood, or corpses. I dont understand why some people are so shocked by death, for me its normal. As my grandpa died, i didnt react at all, i simply did not care. I dont understand why "normal" people get so emotional because of death. Is...
  4. Baskol1

    [Discussion] It is unlikely that it gets better

    Its very unlikely that it gets better in the future, especially if you have physical and mental issues. Then it actually can become worse. For example worsening eyesight, and a worsening hearing ability as you age. Your health will generally decline as you become older, so it doesnt get better...
  5. Baskol1

    [Method] Which poisons are easaly accessible?

    Are there poisons which are easy accessible but absolutely deadly in a short time? Or are toxic substances usially mit easaly accessible? Dont care if its painful, as long as its fast, like a few minutes. But i guess such substances are always illegal, right?
  6. D

    [Venting] How I feel

    After crying and feeling heavy from wanting to end it so much I am EXHAUSTED. And I am tired of feeling exhausted. Plus I’ve never been in a relationship, and I’m so jealous of that. I don’t know if it’s pathetic or you guys can relate, but when I see someone attractive of the opposite sex I...
  7. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Do you have a date?

    Do you have a specific date for your suicide? I fyes, when is it, and is it soon, or in a few years? Do you have even any patience left, or do you want to go soon as possible?
  8. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Do most here commit suicide?

    Do most here really end up commiting suicide? I mean there are many inactive users, but that doesnt mean they are all dead, or are they? Are there more dead users, than alive now? Or did most people here not commit suicide? I mean is relatively new. So i guess many old...
  9. Baskol1

    Suicide is never an Option?

    Why is suicide seen by many as an option you should never, ever take? And life is considered always better? Even when youre severely disabled or terminally ill. Its always completely healthy people who say you should stay alive, even in the worst conditions. Why exactly should suicide never be...
  10. muretax

    [Discussion] Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

    For my whole life, I’ve preached the mantra, “everything happens for a reason.” My original plan was to go out at the end of 2018 but I came to the conclusion that I haven’t exhausted all of my options. I was at least going to move out of the toxic house I was in and move back in with my father...
  11. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Suicide survivors who now try to prevent suicides

    What do you think of pro life suicide survivors? I think they never really wanted to die in the first place. But the worst thing is that some of these suicide survivors now work in suicide prevention. They often get to the conclusion that anyone who wants to die is not right in the head, because...
  12. Baskol1

    [Discussion] "Selfish" suicide methods?

    Why do some people say that the hard suicide methods, like jumping, hanging, or train are selfish? Dont they realize that sometimes the hard methods are the only one, because for the soft methods you need things like cyanide which are hard to get. And the harder the government suicide makes, the...
  13. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Immortality would be horrible.

    I think Immortality, or just a very long life would be absolutely horrible, and very boring and tedious. It would be even worse if you dont stay healthy and young forever. I would not want to be immortal, or live over 100, maybe 200 years. Is anyone here, who thinks immortality would be horrible...
  14. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Does Suicide prevention actually work?

    Many countries try to prevent suicides. Some even try a zero-suicide aproach. But does suicide prevention, actually lower the suicide rate? Or is it mostly just virtue signalling? Or does the wrong suicide prevention, actually increase suicide? Or does suicide prevention really work, and lower...
  15. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Why was suicide a crime?

    Why was suicide a crime in the past? I mean it doesnt make any sense, or does it? And are there still countries where suicide attempts are illegal? So you will punished with jailtime if it fails? And not just a short time in psych ward? Is it because you were technically property of the state...
  16. W

    Jumping off a bridge?

    does anyone know the probability of death if one jumps off a bridge, or statistics on the matter? I would be falling into water.
  17. Tony Dark

    What does N death feel like?

    Hey, guys... Need to know what death by N feels like because this is my preferred method... For a start, what do the side effects of metoclopramide and/or domperidone and/or ondansetron, etc. etc. feel like, for example? Of course, most of all, what does it feel like once one takes the N...
  18. PariahCarey

    [Venting] Art and Suicide

    Everyone is obviously born with a certain thing that they're good at. and even if you weren't born with that, you're almost certainly born with things that you like and are attracted to. I had that naive obsession with the things i think are beautiful since I was very young. Im really into tv...
  19. Alpha_Draco_Pegasus

    What will your final song be?

    If and when you finally get around to suicide, what song would you want to apply to the event, either practically or ideally? It can be a song that people actually play at your funeral, a song you imagine playing at your fantasy funeral, or a song that would go along with your death as if it...
  20. R

    Happy Death Day (if you are on your way out.)

    Not sure if anyone is going today or this week. I wanted to give you well wishes.