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  1. M

    How to dark net?

    Hi, I’m new to this site and want to explore the dark net and see prices and options. I know it’ll be hard to trust someone enough to buy anything but I’d like to know where I go. Every site I’ve seen in previous posts has been banned. Any info would be great. Thanks
  2. Daisy

    [Resource] Ordering Nembutal from… the dark web

    Ok, first of all, (dear FBI ) I am not saying that I intend to do it. I am just asking. There is this website on the dark web and it's called the silk road. It's a pretty legit website, and I am pretty sure they sell pure Nembutal, among other things… I know they didn't mention it on the...
  3. 1

    [Help] Best way to CTB using Tor sites (no needles)?

    Buying N on Tor is extremely risky and I personally have not seen any success stories, so what are some other substances that can be found on the dark web for suicide? Nothing involving needles as I am scared shitless of them. The reason I'm asking about Tor is I already have some tumbled BTC...
  4. pantherfeast1999

    Gpg on dark web

    I know how to access the Dark Web but can somebody please explain the whole GPG key and what steps to take? I'm sorry, I just have no idea what it is or how to use it. Also, if I order illegal drugs from there, will the homeowner of the delivery address get in trouble after I CTB? What about if...