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  1. blueexorcist

    [Venting] I don’t know where I’m going with this

    I’ve de-pitted 13 apricots. I don’t know how I’m going to get the kernels out since the pits are so thin and I don’t want to risk crushing the kernels. I also have 11 dried-up peach kernels, but I dunno if they’re gonna work. I’m gonna have my last meal of phô (my favourite) and find another...
  2. Schizoid

    [Help] Sodium Cyanide

    Can Sodium Cyanide generates Hydrogen Cyanide without acid, How can i test it safely?
  3. H

    KCN - yes or no

    So I have access to a large amount of KCN (potassium cyanide) and I’m wondering how best to do it. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. hopeis5427

    [Help] How to find cyanide?

    Cyanide is so hard to find and may put you in some legal trouble,but its such a great method for ctb. How to find cyanide?because there are so many scammers and being in trouble with the law.
  5. G

    [Help] Cyanide Source?

    I already have more peaceful methods to use, but cyanide has it's own benefits. Does anyone know where to get cyanide? Thanks.