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  1. A

    [Method] Cutting the arm

    I'd been looking online for ways to exit this hopeless world. Exit bag/inert gas, no isolated place to do it; Drug, no way to get them; Night-night method, no skill to do it; etc... The something come to my attention. While it is known that cutting the wrist HORIZONTALLY is basically...
  2. Kokobushi_bae26

    [Help] Stabbing/cutting

    Has anyone here attempted by stabbing/cutting themselves? Is it really that bad? Might not be able to get the drugs I need to OD but I am determined to ctb
  3. E

    Self mutilation question

    injecting numbing cream then cutting off my boobs. All of it. I’m going to be flat chested.
  4. HangingTree

    [Help] CTB by cutting the wrist

    Hey everyone, I consider to CTB by cutting my wrists / forearms, but I don't no very much about it. Only to cut along my arm and take a warm bath before. Do you think a hot shower could replace the bath? I will also take aspirin so my blood can flow better. Is there anything else to know? I'm...
  5. dontwantthislife

    [Method] Cutting / self harm (graphic photos inside)

    Howdy y’all If you’ve ever floated around self harm websites you’ve probably seen my photos as I seem to be one of the deepest cutters online. So I’m here to tell you why self harm/cutting is a shitty method for an inexperienced person, let alone someone like me. Fast facts: 1. Don’t even try...
  6. W

    Started Cutting

    I feel like I'm not cutting deep enough but also don't want to severely bleed out because I'm not in my own apartment and if I die it would be unfair to the returning tenants. Is there a guide i can look at, and/or videos i can watch? i am using double edge razors as my knife barely worked.
  7. sif

    [Venting] Self harm?

    Do anyone else of you use self harm to cope? I cut myself sporadically in intense bursts but then nothing again for months. I remember how I felt when I first ever started self harming and feel like I'm not worthy of even hurting myself, it's hard to describe. Do you have a specific emotion...
  8. eczema

    Self harm relapse

    was digging through an old sewing kit when i cut my index finger pretty bad on a razor blade hidden in there. took it and cut my leg. it felt great. a lot of blood got on one of my porcelain dolls, but i'm not too upset. looks kinda cool. i hid the razor blade in the diary that came with one of...
  9. U

    Death by exsanguination? is vertical arm cutting + throat slicing an efficient way to go?

    This is the first time i post here and i hope i'm not breaking the rules by asking this. (i did read them btw) I remember reading once about a business man that went bankrupt and killed himself by sliceing his arms vertically with a cutter. Do you guys think one could replicate that success...
  10. Gray Wounds

    [Venting] Lost it

    I lost my last hope for a better blade. I think my supposedly supplier was alarmed of me doing self harm (by who Idk,or if it is even real). But she really told me that her box of blades is gone. It's a single edged one and is also large enough for me to easily press down to my radial artery...
  11. Gray Wounds

    [Story] Exhausted

    I am new here. But I've been to several sites already, looking for a place such as this without having to encounter so much drama as "you'll be better" blah blah. I've been cutting since I was 16 and I am 18 rn. The cuts before are somewhat I call "baby cuts" because of their being not lethal...