1. dontwantthislife

    [Method] Cutting / self harm (graphic photos inside)

    Howdy y’all If you’ve ever floated around self harm websites you’ve probably seen my photos as I seem to be one of the deepest cutters online. So I’m here to tell you why self harm/cutting is a shitty method for an inexperienced person, let alone someone like me. Fast facts: 1. Don’t even try...
  2. dontwantthislife

    NEED to CTB the bus tonight... failed throat cut/partial

    Howdy y'all I'm 23, female, from Australia. I've got a history of severe self harm (down to muscle), requiring multiple surgeries etc. Been inpatient in a psych hospital a few times - worst time EVER of my LIFE. While I was there I cut my throat with a razor I had snuck in, I was 4mm away from...
  3. Gray Wounds

    [Recovery] My friend's recovery

    Hi. It is me again. I have a female human friend who is always there beside me. She knew about my doing SH and overdosing trips all along and somehow, she tries to alleviate the pain I have physically and emotionally by just staying there and sometimes, she tells me this very sentence, "I...