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  1. irregularheartbeat

    [Discussion] Does anyone else see/hear into other worlds/realms?

    I tend to see portals that open up to either space, or a beautiful forest with floating orbs all around. Sometimes I'll see this forest all around myself, with all types of odd creatures lurking about. Sometimes I see it halfway between there and this world. I never know what to make of it, and...
  2. DrownedOctopus

    Anyone else do the same?

    I’ve been thinking a lot today, and now I’m curious. I have a routine I do every single day because without it I do nothing to be a functioning human. I only started doing it because my daughter needs me to care for her, without her I couldn’t care less. If I skip it, I don’t drink water, my...
  3. DrownedOctopus

    Earliest memory?

    just curious what the earliest memory you have is and how old you were when it happened? Mine was 2 weeks before I turned 2. I was eating lunch with my grandparents when my grampa had a heart attack and his face landed in the butter. I remember my gramma calling 911 and giving him cpr the...
  4. Mike

    [Discussion] Your path to suicide.

    I need to know. What exactly has been crushed, destroyed, abandoned or forsaken to make you think that to rid yourself of your life is the only choice? What have you been through? What have you been fighting? And why can't you see yourself defeating it? I'm kinda lost and very very curious...