1. 3cookies

    I want to ctb but keep putting it off....

    I seriously want to ctb before I’m no long able to without assistance. I want to die on my own terms and not this drawn out, slow, and epically painful way. But every time I set a date to ctb something happens and I postpone. Things that have happened: I was seriously sick & throwing up so I...
  2. S

    [Help] Easiest way to ctb

    Hey all, i want to ctb soon. I did much research on the CO Method and the hanging method, but I can’t choose one of them. Which one is easier? I have fear that the hanging method don’t successfull is. Maybe some of you can help me to pick the right method. Thanks!
  3. lost in my mind

    [Help] Afraid ECT will change my ctb plan?

    I hope I won’t sound stupid or so.. My shrink wants me to go through ECT. I’m not scared about the process itself, but I’m scared af that it will make me less suicidel. I mean I don’t want to go back to that place where I’m depressed but not enough to be able to CTB, idk if that makes any sense...
  4. lost in my mind

    Any good writing about suicide?

    Do you know some writing that can make suicide sounds a little bit more reasonable to those around you that love you so I can left it in my note to ease the pain somehow? Ty
  5. lost in my mind

    Position when partial hanging?

    I’m sorry if it has been asked already, I tried to look for answers but couldn’t. How do you position yourself when partial hanging? And how Do you practice on it?
  6. S

    [Discussion] Why do you want to CTB?

    Hey, thats my second post here on this forum. I just want to know why you want to CTB. I want to ctb since I’m a little boy but I didn’t have the strength for it. Now, many years later with much more pain in my soul, I want to end it this year. My mother tried to suicide several times last...
  7. Infinite Sadness

    Suicide by hanging

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum, I'm live in Western Europe, I'm 19 yo, and I want to gain some knowledge on suicide by hanging, and I also want to know what's your thought on this peaceful, and calm location in the forest I've found today. I will go into detail and give the reason why I want...
  8. lost in my mind

    [Help] Suicidel paragraphs ?

    Do any of you know some good suicidel writing? Like some sort of paragraphs that can describe what it feels like to suffer like that and why people decide to ctb.. I want to add someone to my note and I want something that can describe it pretty well in order to make them realize and understand...
  9. A

    [Method] CTB - Combo method

    Hi Guys, Just reaching out for some advice. There are 2 options and I would like your thoughts on both of them. The target is to make it look like an accident. No plans of doing it right now but just want to have a solid plan in mind for future purposes. Also very comforting to have a...
  10. ImSorryEmma

    Another reason why im afriad of failing to CTB

    Description: Cop strikes an attempted suicide victim in the hospital is sentenced to more than five years in prison A cell phone video entered into the court record by the US attorney’s office of Paterson police officer Ruben McAusland putting on hospital gloves and violently striking an...
  11. CptBBQ

    [Help] Probably going to CTB today or tomorrow. Any tips for the Night Night method.

    I finally got cornhole bags and an endless ratchet. I didn't actually know how heavy the bags would be, I expected them to be like beanbags :ahhha:. I think I know where my carotid arteries are, or atleast the general location, it's where the pulse is on the side of your neck right? Also you...
  12. Alecsa

    [Discussion] Leaving people behind

    A back story: my ex cheated on me and it's been the cherry on top of my shit life. I can't say it's the reason why i want to ctb but it's my major trigger atm. My ex has always been scared of how i have times i strongly desire to ctb and says would blame himself etc. I don't want that for him...
  13. I am ___________

    [Venting] End of the line. 21 days till ctb

    Atleast I can say I tried, I tried to see if things would get better but not to my suprise, it does not. Things have just become even more worse, there is no point in keeping an animal in complete misery. Should just put it out of it's misery, unfortunately there is no one to do that for...
  14. DrownedOctopus

    [Venting] Plans are paused temporarily

    I’ve started planning, but I haven’t had much in the way of a conversation with my husband about anything for a long while now. Normally he’d be the first to know, but talking to him right now is one sided. I haven’t gotten more than 2 words out of him in over a week. That’s if we talk. It...
  15. Divine Trinity

    [Discussion] CTB Method Poll

    Self-explanatory, with a little silly dark-humor.
  16. Divine Trinity

    [Discussion] Largest factor for desiring CTB?

    The world is complicated (who could've guessed) so of course none of these can be isolated from each other. As policy I'd be the first to answer. A combination of an inadequette upbringing (you may cope, not recover), an overall disatisfaction with the structure of modern social institutions...
  17. muretax

    [Venting] Depression Session

    I’m just going to jump right into it. I left a management position last year to take care of my mental health. I almost didn’t make it this far and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been unemployed since late last October and I got my first interview for a new job next week and usually...
  18. DrownedOctopus

    [Help] I feel like I’m dreaming

    I hate the feeling I get when I get extremely anxious with these thoughts that I have. It’s like I’ll go extremely numb and feel nothing, like I’m on the back burner in my own body, like I’m in a dream. I feel like I’m watching someone else take control of me, and that I have no feelings...
  19. deathplease

    [Venting] Pretty sure jumping is my only way out

    I’ve pretty much accepted that jumping is the only way I can ctb. Please don’t suggest that I order N or SN..tried that. Cutting and ODing are painful and unreliable, I don’t have the accessibility for the CO method or firearms, and my SI is so strong when it comes to hanging. Pretty much any...
  20. deathplease

    [Venting] Guess SN isn’t going to work for me

    Apparently the SN I ordered is garbage. So now I had to go through the trouble of calling ebay and asking them to cancel both orders. I’m so angry. I FINALLY had a solution that wasn’t torturous and I was so happy. I’m starting to accept that I will never be able to ctb. Please kill me. I just...