1. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] Do you rely on any coping chemicals?

    Do you commonly rely on any chemicals to get you through stressful times? Is this effective for you? Have you tried to stop? If you've relapsed, why do you think you have? Have you tried professional therapeutic counseling/advice? Do you think you have a chemical dependence? Are you...
  2. D

    [Discussion] Video Game Megathread

    Video games are, for a lot of us, a major coping method and for some their only remaining passion. Post the name(s) of your favorite game(s), describe what you love about them and what they mean to you. I'll start: The Pikmin Series A real-time strategy game series about tiny and adorable...
  3. 15dec

    [Discussion] Self-grief

    How do you cope knowing you are going to ctb? Is there anything specific you’ve done, other than researching methods to help come to terms with it? I’ve been writing short stories and poems about my reasoning for ctb, as well as what I hope the afterlife will be like. I think it’s helping me to...
  4. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] The root cause of the problem--share

    Anyone else feel specifically that their base problem has been that, for whatever reasons, they just don't fit in anywhere? And that, therefore, no excuse--no matter how objectively valid, matters for your social failures b/c people are ultimately free to accept or reject other people? I was...