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  1. Rex2019

    [Method] Undetectable substance

    Is there anything you can injest or breathe in to kill you but is not easily detected as the cause of death in an autopsy? Basically, it should appear like you died of unknown causes/natural causes/stopped breathing..but they can't figure out why..or it's inconclusive. Anything like that?
  2. D

    [Discussion] Is it logical to kill yourself before experiencing true happiness?

    Both me and my friend agree that suicide is a valid option in life. So here's what I want to discuss. If happiness is the ultimate goal in life, is it logical to kill yourself before you've experienced maximum levels of happiness via drugs chemically altering your brain? I think that it isn't...
  3. T

    [Method] Poison metod

    can someone recommend me a combination of lethal chemicals or some commercial access poison. I am brasilian tranks.
  4. Blacktarheroine

    Heroin overdose or...?

    Hello all. I am new here but have been hoping to find a community like this for some time. I am a drug addict who has been clean for about a year through methadone maintenance . I would really like to cbt via heroin overdose. My plan would be to cease my dose and basically every other...
  5. nixonnate32

    [Method] Co bomb in sealed bathroom

    So... I've just had a new and possibly stupid idea; Get like a five-gallon water jug something, get about at least a pound or so of non-fat dry milk powder (contains 50% lactose) and sodium hydroxide at the same mass. Take it into a bathroom and seal up the doors, windows and any other potential...
  6. WastedAir42

    Help! i don't want this to be another attempt, i want to succeed

    I recently discovered chemical suicide. Which I am confident I can complete as long as I have proper qualities. I see so much referencing to a Japanese site giving directions and offering a calculator to determine how much one would need for cubic space. Does anyone have any info on this? Or...