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  1. John Smith

    will charcoal method leave a smell in my car?

    In case of failure.
  2. A

    Charcoal Burning Method

    I am new here, so I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere. I am basically averse to pain. Ideally, it is just life drifting off to a forever sleep and shedding one's mortal coil. N seems to be ideal, except it is hard to get and may take time. (What is the latest info...
  3. S

    N in France ? Can't hold on anymore

    Hello everyone. I will be 29 in a little more than a month and have been struggling with life since I was little. It got worse and worse with the years and it is becoming more and more difficult to get back up after every hit I receive from life and/or people. I have been wanting to go for the...
  4. N


    So lit a bbq and waited till the smoke cleared up. Then placed the bbq in the tent with me and sealed it but and stayed there for a while but nothing happened!? Did I do something wrong? Tent is only a two man tent and I just used a disposable bbq should I of used more? Also, does anyone know...
  5. peep

    [Method] Charcoal CO poisoning question

    The PPH did a study on CO produced by charcoal. They placed 1.5kg of burning charcoal in a 20ft shipping container. The CO levels peaked about 70 minutes into testing. It got to 1%, then to 1.2%, then back down below 1%. All in less than 20 minutes. Since the deadly level of CO is 1% minimum...
  6. airixv

    Carbon monoxide uncertainty

    Hey all, It's been a hot minute. Hope everyone has been doing okay in the meantime, missed talking to you. I've been lurking on here on and off since my last failed attempt at partial. I cannot for the life of me (and by that I mean for the death of me hah) compress my carotid arteries, maybe...
  7. C2theN

    Charcoal CO Overkill?

    (Sorry for the lousy pun.) I plan to ctb by two-load charcoal with a double-layer popup tent covered by a tarp, but I have some specific questions. Sorry for everything this post repeats. 1. I've read that each load should burn in the starter for 10-20 minutes, then go into the pail for...
  8. B

    [Method] Charcoal briquettes in pan on gas stove?

    I believe people have been found dead in appartments etc , with charcoal briquettes in a pan on a gas stove (whether a kitchen gas stove or portable gas stove). I think I recall there was a K-Pop star who did this. but Is this effective ? EDIT: I've heard on this forum that charcoal needs to...
  9. Zanexx

    Leaving tonight

    I'm currently eating my (hopefully) last meal -pasta followed by a vegan ice cream sundae- at a jazz bar above a little independent cinema near the location I picked. Today I will start my BBQ probably around 11 o'clock UK time and hope to be dead by the early hours. Within a couple of days my...
  10. Zanexx

    [Help] Carbon monoxide/charcoal method: am i missing anything?

    I have: A tent 2-person with 2000 hydrostatic head and as far as I can see no additional ventilation A chimney starter A BBQ bucket 3kg charcoal briquettes A gas lighter Hair straightener heat mats to rest the BBQ on once inside the tent Sleeping bag etc. so I can rest during the process Is...
  11. Zanexx

    [Method] Hanging, charcoal and sn questions

    Hanging: When I've tried (nearly) hung myself before via full suspension, the rope I've been using is thick, I think 20mm or 24mm (can't remember which I got) and I've added some padding to try and make it less painful. Having read some of the comments on this site, I feel like I had completely...
  12. A

    [Help] Charcoal method-- smoke and being discreet?

    Hi. So ive been reading up on the carbon monoxide method and I have one main question and then another secondary one. I live in a very populated apartment complex in a very populated city and college town. this means lots of security and campus police. I was planning on doing it in my car (a...