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  1. lost in my mind

    [Method] CBTing without my parents are the one who’s find me?

    I mean is there ANY way of CBTing without my parents are the one’s who find my body/any one who isn’t related to the authority ? I don’t want to be missing, just want the cops or whatever to be the one who find me. I’m frustrated as hell cause it seem to be impossible and I want to make it as...
  2. I

    best alcohol

    even though i'm of legal age i've never had more than half a glass of beer, and have never felt any affects from it, so i know essentially nothing about alcohol. im preparing on dying as soon as i can force myself to do it, but im worried about survival instinct. does anyone have any advice on...
  3. Into The Wild

    [Venting] I'm so done...

    I think tonight I have finally had enough. Not in a "I am going to definitely CTB tonight" but that I have decided it is the right thing to do. Now I just need to build up my confidence/grit to do it. Why? Why indeed...I think in a way this has been inevitable. I had a pretty difficult...
  4. M


    ok so how do you all feel about the fact we all have to hide so hard? No in my life knows im like this except my psychologist and honestly id prob ctb if they did find out from pure humiliation. Do any of you flaunt it? Talk about it openly? I always hear that “if your loves one makes suicide...