carbon monoxide

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  1. John Smith

    will charcoal method leave a smell in my car?

    In case of failure.
  2. whyidon'tknow

    [Method] Is this a viable CO method?

    Know i’ve made several posts talking of several methods. I’m all over the place but appreciate the input. At my shop we have both a 96 corvette and 93 firebird. I was thinking of getting a very large garbage back hooking it up to a tube and hooking it up to the exhaust. I have hours to inhale...
  3. T

    Rethought methods, thinking charcoal method would be best for me

    The plan is to buy some charcoal and light in a chimney starter. After 25 minutes, I pour em into a metal bucket (we have one that we use for ashes from our fireplace that I feel will work) and then let them sit in my truck for another 25 minutes. It’s an extended cab Chevy Silverado so I think...
  4. T

    I’m ready to go...I just don’t want it to hurt

    ’ve been trying to find an older generator to die via carbon monoxide poisoning. I read about Conrad Roy (the texting suicide case) using one in his truck to effectively commit suicide. If I have no luck with locating a generator, I bought everything necessary to run the fumes from my exhaust...
  5. R

    [Help] CO exhaust method

    I’d like to ctb via CO method. However it seems near impossible to get a canister of CO where I live (Ireland). I’m wary of the charcoal method as it seems unreliable with a large chance of it not working & ending up with irreversible damage. I’m a big coward so other methods I’ve tried...
  6. B

    [Help] Anything else to combine CO with?

    I am 100% doing CO, im sure, but i wouldn't mind combining it with something else. To make death a dead certainty. e.g. what about SN and CO?
  7. Katxe

    Please, help.

    I am alone at home and I will try the carbon monoxide method in a few minutes, please help me with some questions. I know nothing about this things and I need it for today, and please ignore errors, English is like my 3th language. Can I use charcoal? (the one that we use for barbecue, vegetal...
  8. B

    [Help] CO: Duct Tape or Sheathing Tape?

    To seal up air vents, windows, doors, etc with the Charcoal method. I've heard some people saying duct tape is porous, and sheathing tape should be used.
  9. B

    [Help] How reliable is charcoal method ?

    Are there any big risks of failure & brain damage, or is it regarded as a pretty reliable method? I'm using 4kg or 5kg of premium charcoal briquettes in a small room, & I'll tape up etc the area as best as I can.
  10. B

    [Help] How quick will I die? (CO)

    I will be using 2 large chimney-starter-fulls of charcoal briquettes , which is around 1.5kg I believe , in a small 2m by 2m bathroom (or an even smaller room, but does has no lock) . How long will this take to kill me, approximately? Any ideas?
  11. airixv

    Carbon monoxide uncertainty

    Hey all, It's been a hot minute. Hope everyone has been doing okay in the meantime, missed talking to you. I've been lurking on here on and off since my last failed attempt at partial. I cannot for the life of me (and by that I mean for the death of me hah) compress my carotid arteries, maybe...
  12. G

    [Method] How to make co look like an accident?

    So I am thinking about the CO method, seems easy enough. Probably in a year from now. I live in an apartment alone, which is old and big (but with many different rooms) and radiators all over. Is there a way to make the CO poisoning look accidental? I'll have everything all set...
  13. S

    [Method] Portable Gas Generator (CO)

    I know there is a main thread about carbon monoxide, but I think this method deserves its own section. I've also made a post on 8chan about it to try gathering as much information as possible. I came across a study from Iowa State University that got me thinking (link...
  14. B

    [Method] Propane Gas Stove

    What about a portable propane gas stove , if used inside ? Obviously each cartridge of gas only holds so much but , if done in a car, would it work ? As the incomplete combustion must produce CO. I believe one gets around 1.5 hours of continuous “gas” from a regular propane gas cyclinder for a...
  15. fiteorflite2

    Worried of afterlife

    in short .. the only thing holding me back is fear of the afterlife...thoughts? thinking carbon monoxide end-all /.
  16. A

    Monoxide carbon death?

    hi everyone i am a 26 yo guy living in italy so first of all excuse me for my english. Today i was writing my suicide letter and i am wondering what method is less painful. So i thought that maybe the best thing is dying from monoxid carbon intoxication through my car. Can anyone explain me how...
  17. Blacktarheroine

    Heroin overdose or...?

    Hello all. I am new here but have been hoping to find a community like this for some time. I am a drug addict who has been clean for about a year through methadone maintenance . I would really like to cbt via heroin overdose. My plan would be to cease my dose and basically every other...
  18. SamK

    Please help. i've changed my plan, carbon monoxide. i need some facts, please. leaving in 10 days

    Hey all I am going once and for all this time and i wont be leaving any room to be found by anybody. I have swung between morphine overdose (i have access to morphine on a regular basis because of severe 10/10 disabling pain, but i dont want to leave room for survival, naloxone would reverse...
  19. nixonnate32

    [Method] Co bomb in sealed bathroom

    So... I've just had a new and possibly stupid idea; Get like a five-gallon water jug something, get about at least a pound or so of non-fat dry milk powder (contains 50% lactose) and sodium hydroxide at the same mass. Take it into a bathroom and seal up the doors, windows and any other potential...
  20. D

    Weird co a death article ^ I was surprised to learn how little CO volume could be lethal. Two yoga balls filled doesn’t feel like much. Too bad I don’t think normal people can get access to the gas (other...