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  1. Kokobushi_bae26

    [Help] Co with generator question

    I got a generator and put it in my car while I waited for the CO to build up. It stayed on for about 30 min (I wanted to wait til 40) and then it shut off. I think I read that they will shut off bc they need oxygen to run(?) But now it won’t start up. I waited 10-15min. Should I wait longer...
  2. RCelestinaL23

    [Help] CO exhaust method

    I’d like to ctb via CO method. However it seems near impossible to get a canister of CO where I live (Ireland). I’m wary of the charcoal method as it seems unreliable with a large chance of it not working & ending up with irreversible damage. I’m a big coward so other methods I’ve tried...
  3. A

    Monoxide carbon death?

    hi everyone i am a 26 yo guy living in italy so first of all excuse me for my english. Today i was writing my suicide letter and i am wondering what method is less painful. So i thought that maybe the best thing is dying from monoxid carbon intoxication through my car. Can anyone explain me how...
  4. D

    [Method] Vehicular suicide

    Anyone know of people that attempted and failed by this method, or people thinking of this as a method.
  5. Caustic Cardinals

    [Method] High speed car crash tonight

    the roads are empty at night here. I have an older but very fast car. I;m kinda freaking out and feel like going for a ride.