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  1. sad_frog

    [Venting] Does anyone LIKE their therapist?

    Has anyone actually had a therapist they've felt safe talking with and genuinely enjoyed going to see them? My experiences: I've had many therapists throughout my life and there have only been a few that have actually been good to me. There is one woman who I love but is especially hard to get...
  2. Rainbowdreamer

    Anyone else with BPD ?

    Anyone else have BPD? My life is constant pain. I will never have normal relationships or interactions with others . I am convinced that I am fundamentally romantically unlovable in any long - term, sustainable, day - to - day way. I've been through DBT twice as a client and used to teach it...
  3. krtgrf

    [Discussion] People with BPD, assemble. General thread.

    I'll preface this with the statement that I would highly prefer this to be a thread for people with BPD. Not for people who suffered abuse from the likes of us (unless you got BPD from it), who villainize us, or who want advice on a family member with BPD. No one understands us better than...
  4. PrincessInWhite

    Anyone have seriously unbearable mood swings?

    I have symptoms of BPD even though I don't meet the full criteria (can manage my emotions just fine when not at home, don't blame anyone else at all for my life and take full responsibility, function just fine tbh and nobody except those close to me would guess, etc). However, the mood swings I...
  5. Radaghest

    Bpd and persistent suicidal ideation

    Anyone else here with this problem? 35, female, USA Sexual abuse, Physical abuse, Mental abuse survivor. BPD, PTSD, MDD, GeneralizedAD, SocialAD I need fellowship before ctb. Just someone to say it's okay to want to die. Someone to say I support your decision.
  6. Sharethepain

    Bpd fragmented mind?

    Hello everyone, the term BPD (borderline personality disorder) is probably rather well known here, and I happen to suffer from this blessing. This might sound crazy and it could just be from all the loneliness, solitude, pain and anxiety, but I have been lately noticing some different parties...