1. Camille Lejeune

    The Book of Bunny Suicides

    Do you know the Book of Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley ? It won't help you choosing the right method but it's funny
  2. ReleaseMe

    Édouard levé - suicide

    Anyone read this book? I'm currently reading it. It is very well written. Also short and easy to read. I am unable to focus on most books because I can't relate to stories about life, adventures, love etc anymore and have a very short attention span. This book is different, recommend!
  3. Hite ES

    [Resource] Probably the most controversial book ever written

    Ever Deeper Honesty: (free pdf, author unknown) What makes it so controversial? It shatters every delusion that humans have regarding life. Everything we've been brainwashed into holding sacred and believing in is a damn lie...
  4. Tiburcio

    How downloading dignified dying book

    I'm interested on this book but my economic situation is not good and I can't buy it. Somebody knows how can I download it free, as pdf, ebook or something??