bleeding to death

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  1. Justwantittoend

    [Method] Bleeding out?

    I'm ready. I'm MORE than ready to try to ctb again. I've dabbled with the idea of suspension or partial suspension but I really want to slit my wrists. Is it hard to bleed out? What complications could I run into? I know the "best way" is the ol' down the river and not across the street but...
  2. eczema

    Need a secluded place to go through with it

    i've been depressed since i was ten or eleven years old, and i've tried to kill myself twice. i still want to do it. i feel like i'm being selfish, though, because i have a loving family. but i'm very lonely- i have autism, and i don't understand how to interact with people. i've been bullied...
  3. U

    Death by exsanguination? is vertical arm cutting + throat slicing an efficient way to go?

    This is the first time i post here and i hope i'm not breaking the rules by asking this. (i did read them btw) I remember reading once about a business man that went bankrupt and killed himself by sliceing his arms vertically with a cutter. Do you guys think one could replicate that success...