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    [Help] Turning to weed to deal with depressive episode

    As I've written about previously on this website, I have bipolar disorder. Many associate bipolar disorder with out of control mood swings: Going from happy to sad in a matter of minutes. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Bipolar disorder manifests in a cyclical and episodic nature...
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    [Method] Would a lithium, quetiapine, and diazepam overdose do it?

    As I've mentioned before on this forum, I have bipolar disorder, type I (the worst kind). In order to treat my mental illness I take lithium (mood stabilizer), quetiapine (antipsychotic), and diazepam (Valium, benzodiazepine). I've thought of not taking these meds anymore and start hoarding...
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    Why i still haven't done it

    What I like about this forum is that I can finally write about suicide without sounding alarm bells and receiving threats of forced hospitalizations and police welfare checks. I've been through it all: hospitals, medication, treatment, self-encouragement, everything. I don't have too much time...