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  1. DelusionalZoe

    [Story] Ordered Benzos to prep for SN but ended up addicted to Valium

    As the title suggests, im doing SN at some point this month and ordered some valium along with my sn etc. So the valium arrives and like the clever critter i am i try it out to see how much i'll need to sedate me when i ctb Popping that first 10mg is the closest i've felt to not wanting to die...
  2. C2theN

    [Method] Multiple Methods

    Does anyone have more than one method - like Plan A + Plan B + Plan C, in case one of them fails? My scheme is to drink SN, snort as much #4 heroin as I can, and then maybe empty an insulin pen if I'm still conscious. I'd also mix in some booze and benzos. My biggest worry is puking that up...
  3. Suicat


    Soon, when I get unescorted leave from the psych ward (this week), I'll be going home and taking a few strips of diazepam 10mg with me then to where I aim to ctb, going to a pub and having a few drinks then buying a bottle of pop and taking the benzos. I don't know whether to Pace myself with...
  4. I

    [Venting] My body's falling apart (couldn't think of a better title)

    It's like I have gone through a transformation, from someone who looked relatively ok, managed their lives as best they could with the difficulties I face having Asperger's Syndrome on top of everything else, to someone who looks haggard. My hair has been falling out for two years, my skin is...
  5. I

    [Discussion] No 'recovery' from addiction

    Does anyone else, particularly those in the UK, have any experience with addiction treatment services?. This stupid abstinence model is partially to blame for what is happening to me. One of these so called treatment services are over 90% to blame for the place I have landed up in. They...
  6. R

    [Help] Need help optimizing my method

    I have around 2 months left to finish my unfinished business then I am finally ending it. Still I would like to have my method and all substances/resources ready to use if something happens and to just feel relief and freedom to be able to do it whenever I feel like it. Sadly after reading alot...
  7. Smilla


    Who here takes them? I need to ctb soon but my anxiety and panic is rendering me totally non functional. I ordered some off of a website based in China and am hoping they arrive soon, but it could be weeks. I ordered xanex.