1. V

    [Method] Benzodiazepine and Alcohol

    I've read that although an overdose of Benzodiazepines is unlikely to happen, the combination with a huge amount of alcohol may potentialize the effects over the Central Nervous System and cause respiratory failure and consequently death. Has anyone experienced a similar situation or knows if...
  2. krtgrf

    [Method] Benzodiazepines/sleep medication + hanging/drowning?

    I was thinking of combining methods for something calmer and/or more effective. And this brought an idea to me. Would combining benzodiazepines/sleep medication with hanging/drowning help keep your body more relaxed? Could you lay down in a full bathtub and wait until passing out and drown...
  3. usernameNotFound

    How to get prescribed benzos

    Okay so I've hit a bit of a snag. I'm gathering medications for the Amitriptyline Cocktail ( ) I tried asking the doc for Valium to help me with my insomnia and he was really reluctant. I'm going to go back to try and convince my...
  4. S

    Screwed by benzos

    Anyone here driven to this site by “mother’s little helper”? I took only 14 pills of bromazepam recommended by a school counsellor and prescribed by the doctor. Threw me into 6 months of withdrawal hell: sensation of stabbing in the chest, confusion, convulsions, inability to focus, restless...